What would you do if your Government wanted to imprison you for exposing its corruption?

I’m Mike Hampton, a South African activist who has revealed Government corruption for over a decade. As I used to live in the Western Cape where the Democratic Alliance (DA) rule 7-million citizens, most of the crimes are theirs.

The DA pretends to be the proverbial “good guy” and a liberal party, but in a country flooded with criminals, they’re not an exception and are only liberally greedy. But they’re better than other parties at marketing lies.

Politics is not what it seems. Despite being the opposition to the ANC, which has control of the National Government, the DA has been protected by the ANC. The DA has been allowed to falsely associate me with paedophilia, cut me off from business and flood me with court cases aimed at imprisoning me. A major local figure is Advocate Julie Seton. She is involved in some way with almost all the cases against me. She’s the DA’s advocate ‘hitman’ and one of its chief propagandists.

The Democratic Alliance wants to silence me and will probably succeed. If so, I will become a political prisoner on hunger strike.

Helen Zille, the real power controlling the DA, must be held responsible for the cover-up which has included attempts to deny my freedom and discredit me. She pretends ignorance which is impossible as she has met me, I have couriered her evidence, have many email read receipts, appeared on TV and in newspapers, and authored the only book about her party. She threatened to sue and incarcerate me.

Helen Zille is a clever woman pretending to be dumb for the sake of plausible deniability. She’s assisted by a host of major players such as Premier Alan Winde, DA Deputy Chair Anton Bredell, Bonginkosi Madikizela and Geordin Hill-Lewis. They owe their positions and salaries to her.


Same Shit Different Government Book 1 by Mike HamptonYou can download my book, ‘Same Shit, Different Government’, for free below but note that it’s only part one. For a summary of the bigger story, visit ‘The Easy Guide to Democratic Alliance Corruption’, and then read the book. The nightmare I detail is supported by links to evidence such as Government-procured investigations.

South Africa is not a democracy. It’s a criminal country, rotting throughout. The DA is protected by the same agencies that were meant to protect us. Shame on the South African Police Services (especially the Hawks), the South African Human Rights Commission, Office of the Public Protector, the Ministry Justice and its Judiciary, Parliament,  Presidency and overseas ‘liberal’ organisations, such as the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, who operate opaquely and one-sidedly in South Africa.

Maybe worse than all of them are the journalists who’ve chosen a side against their fellow citizens.

Those who protect criminals are criminals.

I fear for our future. I fear for mine.

'Same Shit, Different Government' pdf (3088 downloads)

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The truth may be bitter but sharing it is sweet!