Homophobes and racists, this is where you stand!


hate speech homophobia homophobes racism racists DA Geiorge MayorWHERE I STAND, AND WHERE YOU STAND: I respond to idiotic and hateful comments below the post about the DA Mayor of Homophobia so that there’s no future misunderstanding. Those supporting that dick, should suck it.

“We have just enough religion to make us hate but not enough to make us love one another.”

We MUST HAVE TOLERANCE for all religions. I’m a believer that a Christian, Atheist, Moslem and Hindu, Jew etc. can work together for the better of all. If you were in danger, would you allow someone not of your religion to save you or your child?

We must respect private space but not the hateful. Have no doubt that the evil we can become is related to the circumstances we’re in. There are those among us that, if born in Syria, would probably have chopped off heads and raped children in the name of ISIS.

I despise homophobia as much as I despise racism. Hate speech doesn’t get excuse.

I had gay uncles. They weren’t only homosexuals, they were men. I managed a lesbian band. They weren’t only lesbian, they were women. They were people just like me and you; full of hopes and fears, ambition and disappointment, love and the loss of love. We bleed the same!

An infringement of free speech isn’t simply an infringement of petty, holier than thou, arrogant religious emotion. Consequently, I hope I’ve pissed off people reading this so you know where I stand… and if you stand on the other side, unfuckingsubscribe like an adult.

True sin is when you affect someone’s life so that it physically becomes less e.g. in this case, denying gay people freedom of movement on the Garden Route, just as apartheid denied non-whites. Yes, if you’re a coloured or black religious fanatic, you’re a ridiculous hypocrite who failed to learn your history.

politics of hate racism homophobiaI’ll take that further, philosophically – if you believe any child of another religion who hasn’t harmed you should be burnt, frozen, nailed, amputated and shredded forever in Hell, then you’re extremely uncool. You’re not the person I want to drink a beer with.

“If your religion compels you to hate another person, you need to find a new religion.”

Parents: hate and love, is taught. Homophobia and racism is irrational – stop teaching it.

Politicians: going to church gets you votes, not salvation.

And to the DA, regards your “rigorous candidate vetting”, read the 9th commandment… and check out 8 and 10 while you’re there.

But I can’t control the world, only here and now. My online space is for those who believe in a better future for all. You suicide bomb my Facebook page with your cruelty, I ban you! Except those times I make an example of you.

Mike Hampton

religion is like a penis

Political Analysis interview me: “DA leadership is so arrogant!”


Political Analysis - Thando Maeko interviews Mike Hampton - DA leadership is so arrogantI was interviewed this past Monday by PoliticalAnalysis.co.za regards the DA crisis and my allegations of their corruption. I also told them what Knysna’s new Mayor, Mark Willemse, should do to prove he’s on the Public’s side.

“When there’s disruption inside a corrupt party, it can only lead to good things because truth leaks out. Faction battles take us a little bit nearer to what is actually happening behind the scenes… when we reach the stage where a political party uses disciplinary hearings to get rid of factions within their party, instead of to uphold their moral code, then we know the party itself is in deep trouble.”

Bonginkosi Madikizela failed to respond to the show for three days, despite telling them that he was going to provide them information the first day. Maybe that debate he and I had on Cape Talk dented his ego. Maybe his bosses told him to shut-up?

Nevertheless, interviewer Thando Maeko asked me questions that gave me space to paint what’s happening with DA corruption in a different way to what I’ve done before. I hope that you give it a listen and ask me questions on Facebook.

Listen to the interview at www.politicalanalysis.co.za/listen-new-knysna-mayor-should-fight-corruption-in-the-municipality.

DA rules against open disciplinary hearings


DA rules against open disciplinary hearings - Peter Myers Glynis Breytenbach Nicholas Gotsell Annelie Lotriet Alan McLoughlin Retief OdAttached is a ruling by a panel of the DA Federal Legal Commission that’s running the disciplinary hearing against Knysna Councillor Peter Myers, the man at the heart of the current crisis. The ruling refused an open hearing i.e. the Public were not allowed to witness the trial of their councillor, even though he wanted them too.

Ward Councillors are elected. It can be rigged by inserting a candidate into a safe zone e.g. DA Chairperson Peter Myers ran in Ward 10 which previously voted 96% DA. It was no surprise he was elected and became Deputy Mayor (before the political crisis stripped him).

However, not all have it easy. Whether directly or technically, WE ELECT WARD COUNCILLORS. During the local elections, we make 3 votes, one of which finds us putting a cross next to the face of the Ward Councillor we want.

So why, if we elect them, are we not allowed to witness their disciplinary hearing? How do we know if its justice or a faction fight depriving us of our democracy (which is the Myers and De Lille situations).

The only person who could be prejudiced in a controversial trial is the defendant. However, Myers was insisting his disciplinary hearing be held openly. How can the process be more about the Party than the charges against the accused?

The DA’s ruling against Myer’s open hearing ‘reasoned’:

“An open hearing would entail that the party could suffer reputational damage that could have a negative impact on the party’s electoral prospects.

The panel believes that should the hearing be open to the public, there is real risk that the party’s internal procedures would be exposed to scrutiny by the party’s political opponents and critics. As there are no assurances that confidential party matters will not be discussed during the course of these proceedings, access to the proceedings could be highly prejudicial to the party.

In addition, the presence of the media and/or the public could very well inhibit witnesses, particularly fellow councillors, from speaking frankly and openly which would defeat the very purpose of these proceedings.

The application in the matter at hand is inter alia based on a suggestion that Cllr Myers will not receive a fair hearing unless the matter is heard in an open forum. This panel rejects this argument on the basis that it is pure speculative opinion and has no basis in proven fact.”

The Federal Legal Commission (Glynis Breytenbach and Nicholas Gotsell) never allowed my evidence. The trial is being conducted by MP Dr Annelie Lotriet, MP Alan McLoughlin and Cllr Retief Odendaal.

Myers deserves to be questioned but not on false charges. His accusers, fellow councillors in an opposing faction, should not be protected. The DA’s hidden interests shouldn’t come before the Public they’re supposed to serve.

The result of these apelike politics is the current Knysna political crisis. Well fucking done, DA!