14 889 Speeding Fines Issued in Knysna in July 2014 — No Comments

  1. In some countries, the fine is based on your income. So many rich people speed because the R500 is no big deal, but for many of us, that is a huge chunk of income. If the idea of a fine is a deterrent, then it should be done this way, but I am afraid that fines are seen essentially as a form of revenue.

  2. I always write a letter to a fine and plead leniency and it is automatically halved. I then pay the reduced rate. I do wonder what this money is used for.

  3. So, 480 tickets a day. And these are ‘short burst’ camera catches, given that the cops don’t sit there for the entire day. Although these are further evidence of over-zealous traffic policing, I don’t believe in not paying the fines. Either challenge or pay. I’m surprised in fact, that nationally, there are not tougher penalties imposed on people who don’t pay. Like refusal to renew driving licences. Or if fine unpaid for X number of months, it doubles. And after X more months, the driver faces prison. Why do I support such action? Because in all likelihood, the Municipality currently builds into its revenue calculations, a high percentage of non payers. This in turn leads to the heavier presence of speed cameras on our roads, which none of us wants.

    • Part of this line of blogs has been to question if the speeding equipment is being used legally. A second part is to understand how our municipality works and wonder why there’s secrecy. Thirdly, are the revenues collected being used wisely.

    • Furthermore, a demerit system was supposed to have been installed nationwide 3 years ago. What happened to it? That would have been a far fairer system than upping fines which would damage the poor and make no difference on the rich in faster cars.

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