350km/h Salt Water Powered Car — 3 Comments

  1. Beautiful design, but not real. They are careful not to claim that the prototype is actually running on the ‘flow-cell’ battery.
    The CEO of Quant, Nunzio La Vecchia did a similar thing a few years ago with a solar powered car that never made it to production.
    One lives in hope though, that this can be achieved, but currently, the technology they claim to use, will not perform any where near what they claim.
    I would put my money on Elon Musk – real progress.
    Also, we don’t need salt water cars to go 350Km/h – we want to go 120Km/h, and buy a new car for under R100,000.

    • A long argument of mine has been that if the government truly was against speeding and cared about reducing the dead they’d only allow cars with a maximum capacity of 120km to be manufactured. Reality is big business first as it has always been.

      • I dont really agree, It can be safe to drive fast, it’s not the speed that kills, it’s the collision. Yes, the chance of collision is higher if you are driving faster, and the chance of death is also higher, but, there are many drivers that are far more prone to have accidents even if they dont speed, than some who do speed. What I’m saying is that I may be able to speed safely, and be less of a danger than some others who drive slowly, but carelessly.
        With modern technology, it may be possible to monitor peoples driving abilities, and regulate them accordingly.

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