Mike Hampton moral code creed activism South AfricaMy moral code governs who I try to be. I use the active tense because being a faulty human ensures I’m a work in progress rather that fait accompli (something achieved and irreversible).

I’m unsure when I first expressed it through this creed but recall that it was written quickly and effortlessly. It was a moment of insight into who I wanted to become. Epiphanies aren’t repeated so, considering that I’ve lost most things in my life, from all the moves and the Great Knysna Fire, I’m glad that I published it on my old, personal blog on 19 March 2009.

That was a tumultuous year for me. I had to leave my passion for music, false friendships and the woman I loved behind me if I was to survive and become better. I swam through depression’s darkness, crawled through suicidal thoughts, and moved to Knysna, the prettiest town in South Africa. Although I was forced to leave two years ago, my community and political activism there grew me into who I am now.

More than a writer, friend, family member or arsehole, I’m an Activist.

It’s utterly tragic that most people will always be what someone else wants them to be. Most will never grow up to be honest about themselves. Although the judgement of others is needed to define what we are (i.e. I cannot call myself noble), it’s important to believe that we’re better than we were, and that it’s true assessment. Acceptance of Self is essential.

Hanging onto moments of certainty is certainly better than living uncertainly all the time. And moments can be stitched into something longer called My Life.

Although depression still nags, and I fear imprisonment and death, I exist as Mike Hampton the individual – I Am.


1. To SACRIFICE (the They in Me and the Who that They want Me to Be):
a. The morals of family, friends, society and government (see 3a)
b. Religion that divides
c. Family based on blood instead of mutual respect and friendship
d. Respect that hasn’t been earned
e. Trust in the Media
f. Materialism that controls the mind instead of colouring it
g. Foolish (gossip/ purposeless) talk and the statement of obvious
h. The fears that limit me
i. Complaints and worries over that which i cannot change or have no intention of changing
j. Indifference

2. To RESPECT (love, wisdom, achievement, courage and intelligence):
a. Truth
b. Freedom of expression
c. Life that has respect for life
d. That which makes others happy without hurting others
e. Emotion that vents without destruction
f. My instincts and vessel
g. Information
h. Choice
i. Constructive criticism

3. To COMMIT to spiritual, bodily and relationship improvement through:
a. Fearlessness
b. Morality substantiated through self-discovery
c. Placing morality higher than different religions
d. Helping others
e. Freedom and justice
f. Ambition and challenge
g. Joy
h. Eradicating misunderstanding
i. Appreciating the moment
j. Activities and thought that frees myself and acquaintances from acting or thinking in limited manner

Belief without action isn’t belief at all, just bullshit you tell yourself to pretend to feel better about the person you aren’t. Be honest with yourself. Make your own list. Live by it more often than not. Make your life, street, community and our world more honest and happy.

I repeated my moral code today because I’m dwelling on Frederick Lewis Donaldson’s ‘Seven Deadly Moral Sins’. He created the most important lines of conduct for our society. Please follow that link and read them.

The truth may be bitter but sharing it is sweet!