ACDP: Why You Don’t Have to Vote for the DA — No Comments

  1. Good article…e en some of yhe comments are helpfull. The style of leadership of the leader of ACDP caused many problems in the past of which i don’t want to elaborate on this open platform, but someone has to say it…that was one of the main reasons why the CDP came into existance in 1999….also the way the BBBEEE issues are viewed. 2 Wrongs do not make 1 right…

    • I can’t know the history of the politics of all parties but i can try educate the public to different views in the run up to our elections. I consider it important to break the mindset of most that the DA and ANC are the only options we have.

  2. I’m very glad that I took time to google this page…and I took my time to read it….whatever was said on this page is true

    I always vote, but I was never sure why I voted for this particular party.

    While I was reading this page, it made me realise that I was voting for the wrong reasons.

    So next time when I do vote, I will know exactly who to vote for.

    Thanks to this person who took they time to write this so that we has South. Africans can aknowledge what’s excually happening in our land.

  3. Now some people still don’t get it at this point, so I will further explain: If the ANC or any other party comes up with some law that will destroy the country, then all the other parties will vote against it anyway, as if they were one party. This is what happened with “The Protection of State Information Bill” for example. So whether the party up there voting is the DA or any other party really doesn’t matter. When it comes to other non-conservative legislature though, like “Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act”, then you would want your conservative party to be voting for your views, and not the DA. So we see here that the “bigger” a party is has no impact on standard legislature in the current political environment, but if there are not enough conservatives voting conservatively, then we will end up with a lot of liberal left laws, which in turn will destroy healthy family/community life and the economy.

  4. Terence, your reply is non-committal and unhelpful. i personally believe the ACDP is the only real alternative to the ANC government, but I’d be willing to listen and learn if you were to provide concrete evidence of your ‘cohoots’ accusation. Please.

  5. What crap? The DA has a very bad administrative record in the municipalities under its control. Go and have a look at their audit reports and you will see what I am talking about. They are very good in hiding funds and sweeping corruption within their own ranks under the carpet. They are masters when it comes to bribing councillors of the opposition to join their party with the promises of jobs and money. Yes go have a look in Oudtshoorn where five ANC councillors were bribed to join them. So please Mr Smit you don’t fool me. The ACDP is in co-hoots with the DA and I can tell you that you will never be able to see the difference between the two parties where they co-govern municipalities. They are talking the same language.

  6. I see 10 out of 14 votes on your site in support of abortion, how do you get more than 80% believe it’s wrong? Or perhaps one can believe it’s wrong, but that a woman still has the right to chose, because it is not our right to judge another’s situation.

    • Site poll is mine, not ACDP’s. I’m sure if the poll was within their party, it would be overwhelmingly against. I’m most interested in what Knysna thinks, hence my own poll (unfortunately, most who visit the poll page don’t vote – guessing that some worry that anonymous isn’t really anonymous – but it is).

    • Thank you. We can make the difference. I pray more read this blog and become wiser on how as well as why to vote and not blindly vote either anc or da. We have the right to vote, let’s make our vote count for a better South Africa, a better future for ourselves and generation to come

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