Amos, the Homeless Man of Grey Street — 9 Comments

  1. I’m only guessing here, but, do you think Colleen O’Connor is Mark Allan? O’Con? O’Conner? hehe. He must be a really fun person at a party, telling all those knock knock jokes an’ all.

    • I can’t always tell but it was an odd comment in light of the bigger picture. Nevertheless, if they know Amos, they’re welcome to an opinion.

    • Living local? Have a car? Any skills to help out in the community? Or it could be as simple as taking a tour at Judah Square so that you learn more about another culture.

  2. I find this article particularly patronising. Shame on you! I hope you sleep comfortably tonight.

    • I’m disappointed that you think that because my intention is to encourage others to help him with food when they can. And if you know him then surely you must know how he is, how he can be funny and tragic, sometimes, all at the same time. Do you know him? If so, please help when you can.

  3. This is a beautifully written record of a difficult life – and i life lived right here in our own town. I wish we all had as much compassion as this, the world would be SUCH a nicer place. Thank you for this important piece of writing.

    • Amos, like many others, will have a much deeper story. He was someone else before all this but, sadly, i find it hard to imagine anything else. I have asked him about it before but the stories and the places shift so i wonder what’s real and what isn’t. What is certain is that his life has been tough for a very long time.