The ANC and DA Take Oudtshoorn Battle to the Highest Court — No Comments

  1. What a waste! The ANC is completely impotent in Oudtshoorn leaving it to ICOSA and NPP to make decisions. I have heard from a very reliable source in the Zille’s office that the DA is not interested in taking over Oudtshoorn at this stage since it is in such mess that nobody wants to touch it with a stick. The DA is according to the source rather concentrating on the forthcoming local government elections in 2016. The appeal is really ill-conceived and is just another way for some lawyer who happens to advise the powers that be in order to line his pocket before the DA ultimately takes control which seems to be a very real possibility in view of the mess created by this corrupt coalition government. The so-called acting municipal manager ‘s appointment is unlawful for almost a year and the MEC for Local Government Anton Bredell is not moving a finger to intervene as required by the Constitution and the Systems Act. He, Bredell is playing politics whilst the people of Oudtshoorn is suffering under a corrupt coalition government.

    • You’re preaching to the choir that’s me. The only thing that all these court cases have proven is that both sides are wrong in so many ways. The lawyers are having a field day. As much as i don’t like that, i can’t blame them because it’s the politicians giving them the business.

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