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  1. An update on the vicious Indian Man who without provocation and having never spoken to me sore fit to assault me through the back window of my car. The tooth (a crown) has been split and broken lengthways. So it is root canel for me me and a tooth implant. Damage R26000, He is coming to “take over The Lounge” and rename it the The Chilli Bar in order that his cousin who currently runs it in a drunken stupour can escape his creditors. Be warned. I am going to take Knysna down.

    • Anger, fear, all those negative things, even when justified, need to take a deep breath. All Knysna can’t be blamed. Plan your course of action logically. Do whatever you need to find your justice but don’t lash out on public forums. Consult with the prosecutor and a lawyer if need be. I can supply the details of a specialist in SAPS prosecutions. Trust me, i personally understand your frustration with the Knysna SAPS but your case will be best made by following procedure first. Note that any complaint made against the SAPS, to the SAPS, obligates them, by law, to report it to the NPA. The Knysna Community Police Forum may have made no effort towards hearing my case but i will mail Cheryl Britz, their PR, about yours as well as make my complaint official. You’re not the first to complain to me so i’m also mailing the Deputy Mayor, Michelle Wasserman, whose previous profession was as advocate. Note that everyone (that means the other side too), gets a fair chance to tell their side. Our meeting was interrupted but, as said, you’re welcome to pop by to finish it. Please take my advice which is don’t utilize public forums right now. First find out if there are appropriate people to assist you.

  2. Just last week I laid criminal charges of kidnapping against a detective in Plett after he wrongfully arrested four of my clients. A lot of the policemen in this area think they are above the law and do just what they like. I am considering opening a new department in my firm, specializing only in cases against the police. My previous firm in Gauteng has a department like this. Matters have been set down for trial on every court day until the end of this year and they cannot keep up with all the new cases. There are still a few excellent cops out there, and to them I would like to say, the community needs ALL of you and are very grateful to you!!

    • I used to have that attitude but if the good cops are good cops then why aren’t they sorting out the bad cops? They always know more than us. So if they fear them (which one cop affirmed), then how can they expect the public to fight the bad cops?

      As for the suing part, do it!

      PS: Busy man, long time since i’ve seen you here. Hope all is good.

  3. Hello. You can email me and I will give you my details. I am going to the Prosecutor this morning. Thank you

    • Good on you. There’s generally a breakdown of communication between the police and prosecutor so try be patient as they’re overworked and misunderstood. Will mail you now.

  4. Knysna, I was born and raised in the Southern Cape. I am not a child. I am a 50 year old grandmother. I returned to Knysna in January 2012 in order to give my child a better lifestyle. Within 10 days, I was arrested for drunk driving whilst not in a car, sexually assaulted by a police officer (I did not know the new term is rape), arrested by a man but signed in by a female police officer), lent my car in my naivete to the owner of The Lounge who smashed R15000 damage into it. The Police refused to take a statement. Was smashed in the face by the owner of The Lounge’s “cousin” from Cape Town. Laid a charge. No action taken. I live in perpetual fear of those thugs coming up and raping me. This place STINKS. I am out of here. The NPA “declined” to prosecute the morbidly obese Detective Constable. I was hospitalized in the George Neuroclinic for 3 weeks following the assault. The government has received the tax on that bill and the anti-depressants and sleeping pills. I do not leave my rented house. The Police are assailants and certainly not guardians of the nation. But I do a damned good website and I know how to set up a site that will hit number 1 on google….It’s message. DO NOT VISIT KNYSNA.
    I have had enough, This place has destroyed the vibrant, playful, gentle woman I was. That Obese Police Officer may as well have killed the shell I live in. He murdered my soul. I will never be the same again.

    • I’ve had my own experiences with bad cops in Knysna so don’t think that i’m insensitive when i say that your situation is appalling but needs to be verified by a third party if you wish to pursue justice. I will keep your contact details anonymous. I respect your privacy. But if you’d like, we can get others involved to investigate?

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