Does Anyone in Knysna Give a Damn? — 9 Comments

  1. General comment Mike. I think people would take your efforts to ‘clean up Knysna’ more seriously if you didn’t get so darned personal in everything you write. Stick to the news and dump the character assasinations, dude – Really! ‘Engaging’ is not about trying to make enemies, surely it’s about finding solutions/ use it, don’t use it…

    • The attempt to find solution is always first. What i’ve found is that bad people in Knysna are dismissive and have to be forced to address the issue. I believe in consequence for ill actions and warning the public of such people. What someone’s character is is very relevant to how they should be treated by Knysna. It would be terrific if Knysna’s media shouldered the responsibility and began investigating the issues – use it/don’t use it.

    • Please carry on, Mike. Sticking your neck out to name and shame people who need to be named and shamed is admirable and brave. Bomber Webb, we need more people to open their eyes and ears and stop being such stupid sheeple. If that means getting personal sometimes- so be it.

      • I agree, it does mean getting personal sometimes… but not ALL the time. My comment merely observes that if Mike continuously attacks people on a personal level , readers are not going to take him seriously, ever. Even on issues that have merit. They will say (and I’ve heard it often) “Oh that’s just that Mike guy ranting again.” It’s a bit like the Boy calling wolf.

        • Agreed, i get vastly different reactions but there is a definite crowd who take my blogging seriously. I’d love to have a good relationship with local media but the fact is that you’ve never taken a single item of info i’ve provided and put it into a story in The Edge. You are a journalist with an ear to the ground so you can easily figure out what has merit or not. I may blog emotionally but i clarify my emotion and provide lots of facts. To suggest that i don’t is misdirection. That local journalists, for example, don’t find it bizarre that Knysna Tourism will not reveal details of their budget is beyond disbelief. That no one has reported on their radical, dictatorial changes to the rules of conduct for members is disturbing. There are many examples. Media are lapdogs to advertizing from Tourism and Knysna Municipality. If that ever changes, i would welcome you visiting for a cup of coffee. Relationships can change.

  2. We are the people that might have been; We are the unseeing in relentless persecution of those envisioned, who were labeled a threat to the disorder of order. We are pawns engaged in our own destruction, proud and stupid and false. We cheer in the arena’s and inform on our fellows. We raise perversion to be normal and lock normal in a nuthouse. We laugh with merciless humor at persecutions that came by our consent and everything that was true and meaningful within us, is leaving us. We are the Hell-bound in denial of the heaven sent. We embrace the animal as the civilized way, cannibalizing our loved ones and killing ourselves, like a collection of poor unfortunates who gnaw off their own foot. We hold what is trivial as a worshipful profound and go all too quickly into the cold and forgotten ground. We make heroes out of rogues and pariahs out of our most important friends. We are the generation of vipers, ever and ever after, amen.

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