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  1. Where is the ubuntu in our society? We use to be caring society looking out for one another, respect for the elderly and treating your child as my child. We must look carefully at the way we are bringing up our children. The education system should also be geared at educating our children about humanism. We must look again into what President Mandela called the Reconstruction and Development of the Soul (RDP of the soul). Churches should also play role in society and not limit their interaction whith community only on sundays. We have become lawless and very anti-social and that is a recipe for the disaster. Let’s go back to basics. Good families make good communities and good communities will result in a better country.

    • Agreed, it starts at home but we only become adults when we accept responsibility for our own actions. Ubuntu starts with us. A simple question to ask oneself each day is what did i do for someone else?

    • We are society. Because we have indulged in apathy, we are responsible for the whole rotting. Subsequently, we are responsible for its actions.

      More specific to this case, the assailant appeared in court and the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence! Perfect example of apathy! Thankfully, the video exploded on the net which may mean reopening of the case.

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