Baden Hall #3: Knysna FM DJ Threatens Tourist — 24 Comments

  1. I am so greatful to read all of the above and to know that this prick is doing damage wherever he goes.

    In my experiance he is just an immoral, unethical, god complexed, self enriching twat of magnanamis proportions. The world would indead be a better place if this troglodite and all of his relations seased breathing the air that humans breath.

  2. It does say something to the fact that the last 2 radio stations that erroneously hired the man, fired him too. Life is a bowl of Cherries, you just have to be careful of the pits!

  3. It has been officially confirmed. Baden Hall has been fired from Knysna FM, never to darken their doorstep again. His radio shows have also been pulled.

    I reckon “David” got his wish when he said that he hoped Hall would not be a part of the station when he returned in 2013.

    • Hi, Anonymous Anna. That is good news. I had noted that Baden (and Melanie) have been removed from KnysnaFM’s website. I’ve been waiting for official notice from ICASA before announcing. I’m glad that this blog has so far led to stopping illegal use of LM Radio’s brand and Big Arsehole’s dismissal. Ralph Sparg and Gordon Hoffman still unaccounted for but there’s still time…

  4. I am pleased to say that Gordon Hoffman, head of Knysna FM responded immediately to my letter to him and has taken action to stop all the illegal activity around LM Radio and the use of the LM Radio name and other IP. He has not commented on the status of Mr Hall.

    • That is good to hear for you.

      Where i’m suspect is that Gordon Hoffman and Ralph Sparg are hands-on and must have been aware of the situation (as they choose the DJs, vet the programming and have the website updated). And surely they should have made the consequences to Baden Hall apparent.

      What is sad for us in Knysna is that you get immediate response but local complaints are dismissed.

  5. I am a former employee of the amazing LM Radio. A most delightful and professional station. The people are absolutely fantastic and the way it is run reminds me a family business. I suppose it is a family business.
    Baden Hall confided to me, shortly after he appeared on the scene, that he was the new CEO but told me I had to keep it under my hat until the story became public knowledge. He said that his being a guest presenter was just a front until he got to know the structure of the politics.
    In the short time he was there, he managed to alienate almost everyone he came into contact with, and nobody was sad to see the back of him. His constant snide remarks about how badly the company was being run were upsetting. He is surely one of the creepiest men I have ever come across. His lewd suggestions became more pointed as the days wore on and I dreaded the day I found myself being alone with him.
    I have read everything on this blog page, I do not know if it is all true or not, but I find none of it farfetched or unlikely. He seems to leave a trail of destruction wherever he walks.

  6. Yet another dodgy claim and some more egotistical ranting from Knysna’s Own Baden Hall!!! Is there ANYTHING genuine about this Hall character?

    Surely the town alarm bells must be deafening by now? Thank you Chris for shining a little more light on a darkened corner of our Knysna town. I have a feeling that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  7. I am joining this discussion because Mr Hall has used his position at Knysna FM to infringe the intellectual property and rights of LM Radio. He has also made some very disparaging remarks about the founders of LM Radio and about the station itself.
    Firstly Mr Hall claims to have been an employee of LM Radio and that he was fired for “daring to be creative”. Mr Hall was NEVER an employee of LM Radio. We tried him out as a volunteer presenter doing one show a week. LM Radio has strict programme and music guidelines. Mr Hall did not agree and did his own thing without consulting the director of programmes. He was warned to stick to the guidelines, but he did not. Mr Hall also presented himself to staff as the acting CEO which he never is/was. He was asked to leave and was told that we did not require his services as a volunteer presenter.

    Mr Hall has posted the following comments on his web page:
    • “S’pose you could say he [Peter de Nobrega] “passed away years ago”……in a mental capacity. His body still haunts the airways!”
    • “Regarding who owns LM Radio, I suppose you could say a bunch of (former) employees who have not progressed beyond employee mentality…The “main shareholder” (PDN) claims absolute ignorance about things electronic, but he is attempting to drive the whole LM RADIO thing into a global phenomenon……based on bits of paper and listener surveys in….wait for this… Mozambique! They claim 250000 listeners, yet 249000 are LSM1 people….ie No disposable income. The other 5000 listeners are LSM5-8, with credit cards, are scattered around the world. But no…they don’t count!”

    LM Radio is a commercial radio station operating in Mozambique since December 2009 and based on the basic formula of the original LM Radio. Independent market research confirmed a daily peak listenership of more than 75,000 and a weekly average of more than 125,000 in the first year of operation. There has been considerable growth since then. LM Radio also has a considerable listenership on free to air satellite and streaming. LM Radio has been awarded an FM licence on 104 MHZ to broadcast from Maseru in Lesotho with coverage across large parts of the Free State and even parts of Bloemfontein.

    As for his other comments, they are not worth even replying to, except to say that all the owners, management and staff of LM Radio are accomplished professionals with proven track records.

    Mr Hall is broadcasting on Knysna FM using the LM Radio name and jingles illegally, without permission and is infringing the registered trade marks and copyright of LM Radio. Legal action will be taken to protect LM Radio’s programming and intellectual property. The standard of broadcasting and the content as portrayed by Mr Hall is an insult to both the original LM Radio and the “New LM Radio”. LM Radio is a professional radio station which broadcasts music ranging from the 70s to the present day in a style and genre of appeal to the more mature audience aged 35 years and older. The music has also attracted a considerable sized younger audience who have been very complimentary of the programming.

    Check out LM Radio for yourself at or on free to air satellite using a free to air receiver or single view DSTV decoder.

    Chris Turner, shareholder and CEO
    011 234 2691

    • Chris, i appreciate you weighing in on this topic – thank you. My goal has been to figure out if Baden Hall is a threat to our town. We’ve experienced a rocky road during this economic downturn and seem to have had more than our fair share of dodgy individuals. Your input further validates that we should be concerned and not trust Baden. Knysna FM’s support of him has been unseemly (they’ve now allowed him to host our local business chamber show) and, with the LM rights infringement, it’s emphasized that something has gone amiss with the heart of the station. Hopefully the staff will start querying what the hell is going on. There is more afoot and i hope to keep all involved informed.

  8. A friend of my wife’s went to Melanie’s birthday lunch last year. Melanie’s mother collapsed in pain in the middle of Baden’s speech, and Baden apparently just carried on talking and pooh-poohed the incident, saying it happens all the time. She apparently was in incredible pain. Many of the guests were very upset.
    The story is that the poor mother needs one of their mannatech products but it costs a thousand bucks a month and is too expensive to give her.
    The lady who took care of her at the party offered to pay for it. We don’t know if it ever happened.
    A real caring chap, it seems.

    • Coincidentally, i heard about that recently but didn’t want to bring up hearsay – ‘nice’ to have someone else mention it.

      Isn’t it also ironic that Baden presents the LM show on Knysna FM after being fired from LM Radio in 2011?

      • He was with LM radio? I listened every day and I knew every jock on that station and unless he was on at 4 a.m. I did not hear his name mentioned even once. Maybe he was fired before he got on air? harhar.

        I have not heard the LM show with Baden, as most of the music seems to come from that era these days. Boring, boring boring.

        It used to be great when the jocks presented their own music, some good, some not so good, but not the same old, same old all day and night non-stop.

        • I love oldies AND newbies. Regards music on Knysna FM, the problem is often continuity as some DJs play jarring genres back to back. So long as the DJs have music choice (as opposed to larger radio stations where the DJs have nothing to do with music at all), they should play as if they were in a club i.e. aim for flow – the listener will embrace better.

  9. Why does this offensive Hall creature speak out? Guilty as charged? Embarrassed? Think it will all blow away after a short time? Still banned Mike?

    To me, Knysna FM has started sounding like LM Radio back in the 60’s in the last 7 months or so. I hate it and never listen anymore. Baden, go back to Jhb!

    • Yes, he is still banned but he was given an opportunity to clarify his position on rumours and information i’ve been sent BUT he would not let me quote him. BUT, with regards the blogs so far, he’s done nothing except threaten me with legal action and make a comment on Knysna FM’s Bizz Buzz that was obviously meant for me (yes, you heard me correctly – he’s been hosting Bizz Buzz on Knysna FM – Dave and Craig from the Knysna Chamber of Business should be ashamed).

      I’ve also heard from a reliable source that they are peddling Mannatech products in Knysna – people with cancer will be pleased to know that they can be cured with it.

      It also appears that Knysna FM has been running illegally. I will clarify that when ICASA responds again.

  10. While that sociopath is behind a microphone, Knysnarians are probably afraid to speak up. We can only stop listening to their station until they respond appropriately. I don’t want that psycho representing this town. Sorry about the good DJ’s and people with their heart in it at KnysnaFM, because the burden has fallen on them to either start a new station or clean up the staff of the existing one.

  11. I did a reverse lookup of the IP addresses in the emails sent from Knysna FM Reception, Baden, Justin Halliday and myself.
    I was in Balotesti in Romania at the time of these mails in January and my IP address on the mail was when you look at the full headers. Based in Romania.

    Knysna FMReception’s IP is based in 12025 Waterfront drive in Knysna.

    Knysna Studio. (Baden’s emails) IP based in 12025 Waterfront drive in Knysna.

    Justin’s IP is192.168.100.18 based in 12025 Waterfront drive in Knysna.
    Now Justin was supposed to be “coming down to Knysna from Jhb soon”, according to the mail from Baden to him, but it was sent from the Knysna D-Slam port in 12025 Waterfront Drive, Knysna. It is impossible to spoof this information, therefore, the letter from Justin Halliday was sent from down there, in Knysna, it did not emanate from here Johannesburg. More manipulation afoot.

    • Well, well. Interesting, indeed.

      So many people reading yet no comments. Knysna has a terrible wait-and-see attitude i.e. i’ll choose a side when it’s over. That doesn’t help. Sharing information does. There are always people out there who can help.

      PS: ICASA has acknowledged my complaint.