Baden Hall lays criminal charges against me — 5 Comments

  1. I do not understand how a person can even think of suing someone without any money.

  2. Hi on your return. Odd that you were privy to his case. Please explain that. As to the criminal case, yes, i totally believe that it should be kicked to civil court.

  3. You have absolutely no need for concern regarding these charges Mike. There is no way the Prosecutor can take on a civil case. I have seen his case and there is no doubt that this is purely civil and not a police matter, no matter how you shake it. If the prosecutor foolishly does take the case on due to some pressure or other, 5000 others will demand the police take on their cases too.
    Next step is a civil case. I hope he has a couple of hundred K spare to throw at it. I hope he goes for it, I really do. If that does happen, there will be several bloody noses to contend with and some severely embarrassing situations to explain away.
    Do not concern yourself Mike, he is as full of bluster today as he was when he first moved down here, and, trust me, things will not change in any way soon. Do not even seek legal counsel, it’s a waste of time end energy.
    David (the tourist)

  4. Yoh that top pic. He looks quite mal and she looks a bit trashy. I’m amazed he is suing you, he has no money. Same for the Grinakers.

    • I’m not going to take cheap shots about appearance. Sure, Baden has anger in him but, so long as she’s not pulling faces at me, she looks as decent as anyone else in town. Personal remarks also distract from the argument. I want to keep reminding people what we’re dealing with and also put it out to others that i will not be intimidated. As for the money aspect, i’ve heard 2 sides to the equation several times so don’t know where that matter rests. He could also have someone else paying for his lawyer.