Baden Hall #2: Mannatech – Good or Evil? — 4 Comments

  1. We, in our professional capacity have had dealings with the HALLS! These people must be the most immoral and disgusting examples of humanity at its worst. I warm anyone to be wary of any dealings whatsoever . Fortunately they have the bite of an angry moth and hide behind shady attorneys to do their dirty work.

    • Opinions always appreciated but accusations, as much as i want to support it in this case, are slander without information brave enough to back it up. If you’re prepared to, then welcome to email me.

  2. Well what a character. a) Stealing databases from companies who have been stupid enough to employ him and as for the Mannatech crap, I have a damned good mind to get in touch and toss his a grand (big money in Knysna) and get some of the Mannatech rubbish. I will take it for a month and when I still present with Epilepsy a month later, sue the crap out of him. Bible Punchers, Liars, and Mannnatech Consultants are on my hit list. Years ago when Herbalife was all the bloody rage, the story went that the founder, whatever the hell his name was, had lost his mother to cancer when he 16. So the brave young lad headed for China (ver adventurous because as an American Citizen he would not have been able to travel unaccompanied and that age) and with the equivalent of a Grade 10 certificate proceeded to analyze all the “herbs” in China and promptly started Herbalife which saw “consultants” with the intellect of shoe box selling this crap in their pyramid scheme to people who had been retrenched. Well, I watched this with utter amazement, (some fool even approached ME – wanting me to buy into the bullshit) – so with the fabulous mansion in Los Angeles and the blonde wife (far too much plastic surgery) they lived – attributing her average looks to the benefits of Herbalife. Well, ne night he forgot to take his Herbalife Shake and Pills and instead got them mixed up with transquillisers, sleeping tablets and alcohol. Very easy mistake to make. And he died that night. I laughed like a bloody drain. Karma is a Bitch! Bring in on Baden and Melanie!

    • Yep, Herbalife suckered the housewives of South Africa (including my mother). They set the multi-level/pyramid scheme standard that Mannatech copied. Herbalife started a Family Foundation which partners with charities to meet the nutritional needs of children at risk. Mannatech, as said in the blog, copied that too. They get an air of respectability whilst making money off the masses at the bottom of their pyramid. Herbalife were successfully sued for their lies in 1985 yet a decade later they were attaining $1billion in sales. The public’s desire to believe in shortcuts is far greater than truth. And the con artists realize that.