Big score for Burmie in Court (Part 3) — No Comments

  1. I hope the Police force will now be cleaned up once and for all – all those heads should role – the bloody lot of them . sue them for maximum even all the money in the world cannot compensate for what the family had to go through and still suffering because of it – thanks Mike for the detailed update …

  2. Take them to the cleaners…..we don’t have a force with any honour or entegrity whatsoever. They owe the Burmie family … Sue them for all you have lost and will loose.

  3. Expose the whole rotten to the core lot in the SAP…no wonder the country is in such a shithole, with people like these “running” it. Bastards!!!!

  4. Burmie must just sue the bastards. This whole matter is so dispicable! Burmie I support you 500%! Expose the bastards for what they are.

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