Bitou's Speaker's Court Action Details — No Comments

  1. Annelise does not even contemplate what is going on around her. This now really not necessary to bring an urgent application. I think the DA is trying to prevent a take-over which is a democratic process and the law makes provision for it. I suspect that the DA will get a klap today in court. The question is, why is the DA not using their own money to fight this take-over? On the other hand the ANC must pay its own legal fees. This matter has got nothing to do with the municipality. This is essentially a party-political matter. Political parties who are in control in any municipality must use their own funds to fight party-political battles. The only ones that stand to gain from this exercise are the lawyers.

    • Overall i do believe what she, Paulse and Booysen has done is illegal but let’s keep in mind that when it comes to lawyer’s fees, the evil works both ways e.g. ANC in Oudtshoorn. The public is repeatedly the overall loser.

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