Black Sash in Knysna Closes — 2 Comments

  1. Its a sad day for the people of Knysna. I can recall those days in the eighties when we as students used to go to the Black Sash office then situated in Gray Street to get some information on the mass democratic movement and how we can play a role in fighting oppression. The office was realy a source of information. I remember peple like David Ngale and Lauren Nott and others who persistently fought for the rights of farm workers. I once accompanied Lauren to attend to an eviction matter in Karatara and I was realy impressed by her steadfastness in fighting injustice on farms. I salute you Black Sash!

    • It was mostly ladies in the early days. I believe that that gave them an angle that was harder for the apartheid government to oppose. I wasn’t an adult in their heyday of activism but i recall being at Natal Technikon in 1990 when one of my teachers told me she was Blash Sash. Times changed and, admirably, they found a new purpose, becoming (essentially) advisers and social workers. I’m disappointed in myself that i never learned more about the local office. I can hope that they return so that i get the chance.

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