The bums of South Africa’s black Zuma trolls

Black trolls Jacob Zuma Cyril Ramaphosa racism

The ugly side of South Africa showed its bum on my Facebook page yesterday. I’ve written against all colours of racism before but never against politically orientated, black Zuma trolls.

I posted a link to the Sunday Times article alleging a conspiracy meeting between ousted President Jacob Zuma, ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule, former North-West premier Supra Mahumapelo, ANC Women’s League secretary-general Meokgo Matuba and ANC Youth League KZN secretary Thanduxolo Sabelo. It was newsworthy, possibly affecting the immediate future of our country. It was worth sharing.

I made no statement, wrote no article of my own because I consider the story important but begging more. So I only said, “Readers, what do you think? Something to talk about at church today.”

That was all it took for a hormone rush of racist trolls to use my comment section as their toilet. They never used toilet paper. They never flushed. I can still smell them this morning, through the flies buzzing backwards into South Africa.


I share with you opinion, facts and their trollish themes:

1. Media is biased. I don’t trust the Sunday Times because they refuse to report on DA corruption which, in turn, makes them corrupt. I’ve even sworn at one of their journalists. But we can’t ignore biased media because that would mean never reading a newspaper or watching television again. To say that biased media is biased all the time would be lie. There’s obviously been great journalism in between, especially when exposing enemies. Instead, we must take in as much information as possible and make up our own minds.

2. The goal of trolls is to disrupt. That requires no logic, only a goal. They normally aim for such by discussing everything except the topic. In this case, they tried to devolve a topic that’s primarily about internal ANC conflict into a topic about racism.

3. The one fact the trolls repeatedly tried to establish is that it was impossible for there to have been a secret meeting in a hotel, or for it to have been discovered, because Jacob Zuma was ex-Intelligence; too aware, too smart. Some of you will immediately laugh, thinking the opposite, but I’ve never jumped on that white bandwagon that belittled his and Julius Malema’s ‘E, F & F’ education. Alone, populism doesn’t explain their power, their embedding in our South African mindset. Both are extremely street smart men. That must be respected. But smart isn’t infallible, and arrogance can make a fool of anyone. So I chose one repeated example against their repeated falsehood – I said “Remember Khwezi”. Their response to the the ANC-in-exile’s rape victim, to Zuma’s alleged victim whom he claimed would not contract HIV because he had showered instead of using a condom, was to forget her completely, and instead insult me more.

4. Racism requires no intelligence, only repetition of hate to gain traction and create victims. The Sunday Times, the troll alleged conspiracy between white monopoly capital and President Cyril Ramaphosa, can defend itself. However, the focus was on branding me as a white racist who wrote the article – I’m not and I didn’t. Consequently, I raise my middle fingers (which are incidentally white). If the response to every logical comment I made was basically “you’re a racist” – no debate, no clever retort, no discussion – then the accusers were racist. Some say that reverse racism doesn’t exist but maybe this is its true definition, as a propaganda product.

5. Similarly, Black Consciousness was an excuse for rhetorical hatred (when in fact it was an insult to Black Consciousness). Steve Biko wrote that, “We have defined blacks as those who are by law or tradition politically, economically and socially discriminated against as a group in the South African society and identifying themselves as a unit in the struggle towards the realization of their aspirations.” In that, Black Consciousness has had major success. Apartheid’s awful affect on our country is undeniable, as undeniable as the fact that the very black ANC has been in charge for more than two decades, and that the ANC under Jacob Zuma made poor black people poorer, and some black and brown people very rich. Blacks are the majority of South Africa, a thriving and growing middle and upper class that owns shares in every major company. Modern Black Consciousness likes to pretend that black people don’t have the opportunity to rise, and that inability is the fault of all white people. I’m an activist whose poor. I don’t fight for white power, I fight corruption (which, again, incidentally, is mostly white in the relevant Western Cape context). Black Consciousness was for empowerment, not for abuse by a mob seeking victims for political agenda. To associate supporting Zuma with Black Consciousness is extreme irony.

6. I was told that as a white man that I’m only allowed to write about white corruption. the same logic never applied to them, as black people subscribing to a white guy’s Facebook page. I was told by two people that they had respected me until now, their minds changing with one post. As I’ve focused on Democratic Alliance (DA) corruption, the opposition to the ANC, was convenience for those biased subscribers. That my 8 years of fighting DA corruption, at risk to myself, no longer mattered because I shared a link to an article by our country’s biggest newspaper, is ridiculous but telling.They’re not interested in corruption itself, only fulfilling an agenda to support the previously corrupt regime which hopes to takeover again.

7. There’s this silly notion by corrupt people and their supporters that you cannot label them as corrupt if they have not been found guilty by a court. Both the DA and the ANC use that blunt instrument instead of answering questions. There are mountains of evidence against corruption. We can assess it ourselves. If a cow moos, farts, eats grass, makes milk and becomes a hamburger, it is a cow. And if cows have a meeting in a field faraway from the farm branded on their hides, and then lie about it after their photo was taken, it can be said that their meeting was mooed in secret.

8. To not be disturbed by the ex-Premiers of two corrupt Provinces meeting an ex-President of a corrupt country is to be irresponsible.

Ace Magashule has yet to clear himself of ignorance of the Gupta Dairy Project or explain sufficiently how his son earned a R90,000p/m salary from the Guptas, or how his daughter, as a young adult, gained tens of millions in contracts from his province.

The North-West, former province of Premier Supra Mahumapelo, went up in flames when black (not white) people violently protested through looting and burning against his ‘leadership’. Both are staunch Zuma supporters, and, if the allegations are true, eventually threatened by Ramaphosa’s vow to fight corruption.

Meokgo Matuba, and the ANC Women’s League for which she is Secretary-General, were against Ramaphosa becoming President. They supported Nkosazana Dhlamini-Zuma, Zumu’s ex-wife for the position. Matuba wanted our Constitutional Democracy and Chapter 9 institutions removed so that the majority of Parliament could make all decisions i.e. put more power into the Zuma hand. Essentially, that would’ve made South Africa a dictatorship with no respect for minorities.

Was ANC Youth League KZN secretary Thanduxolo Sabelo just passing by when he saw Magashule and wanted to say hello, or was he part of the meeting? We don’t know. What we know is that the ANCYL has been a staunch supporter of the Zumas and, in the run up to the elections, banned Ramaphosa supporters from wearing their regalia at ANCYL meetings.

We know that the Sunday Times claims that Matuba and Magashule denied they’d attended the meeting, Magashule’s diary said he was in Bloemfontein, and Mahumapelo didn’t comment. A photo shows all four together in the Maharani Hotel in Durban. That’s more than sufficient cause for suspicion.

9. To pretend that an article, whether half true or true is white versus black, is untrue. Truth is that a losing faction of the ANC is desperately trying to stay relevant, even if that means destroying the country for the greed of a few.

10. As all whites are not racists, so all blacks aren’t racists. In fact, the majority of South Africans want to get along. And most of us are being oppressed by the elite few. I’m pleased that black people stood up on my page, not for for their blackness but for common sense and righteousness. I was equally disappointed that many of my regular white readers didn’t- it’s when we are wrongfully shamed into silence that we must be most loud.

I allowed the racists to rage for 24hrs. I deleted 9 of them. I apologise to those whose comments below those people automatically vanished too.

I have no control over idiot comments made on Facebook pages such as that belonging to Indoda Yamaqiniso. there, the first comment, liked 10 times, was, “We wish there was a secret meeting,” meaning they wish there was a plot to overthrow our government (I hope Cyril Ramaphosa’s ANC takes note of their names below).

2018.09.10a Indoda Yamaqiniso want South African government overthrown


Steve Biko was a man of his times. he was both wrong and right but his heart was in the right place. It may be selective of me to quote from him but I do believe that he was a man to be admired, and that he would be disgusted at the perversion of human rights on Facebook yesterday. He said, “Black Consciousness is in essence the realization by the black man of the need to rally together with his brothers around the cause of their oppression and to operate as a group in order to rid themselves of the shackles that bind them to perpetual servitude.”

The way forward is to learn a lesson from Black Consciousness so as to make it into an educated South African Consciousness. That “servitude” is now both to a class war and a political war gaining populism through hate. Racism should not be a convenience for political goal and, as Khwezi said in her famous poem, “no one is above the law.”

As the unity of black people had to stand against apartheid, so all colours of South Africans must stand against all colours of racists wanting to divide us for the sake of their selfishness.