Cape Town Electricity Costs Soar Up to 223% — No Comments

  1. One of my tenants in a small office in Cape Town has had increases of up to 400%. One feels so helpless as, if you don’t pay, they might just cut you off.
    I certainly had no communication about the increases before they were instituted. This goes against all the talk of helping small business in the country. I am fuming. We are now putting in a prepaid meter at the enormous cost of R6700.

    • Sandi, it’s happening all over. In these cases, the DA is squeezing paying consumers to give little or non-paying consumers services. I absolutely agree that the poor must be helped but to continually take whilst not enlightening the public with the situation and options available is tantamount to gaining votes at any cost. They don’t have to worry about losing the white vote because they know that white people will complain and then vote for them anyway, in fear that that they have no choice. There’s not enough of ‘them working for us’ attitude.

  2. We were promised the ‘refit’ system where you could sell electricity back to the grid. It seems it was considered by the competitions board to be unfair if escom can set the price they pay without going out to tender, and it wont be possible for every household to tender – some crap like that, but it is considered fair to suddenly start charging a daily service charge, or increase the cost. Cape Town was talking about letting customers feed the grid, why is this still not available?
    I urge small commercial users to investigate getting off the grid. Cover your roof in solar panels and add a few wind turbines. Yes, the capital cost is high, but payback can be as little as 4 years, particularly with these increases.

    • Knysna was dabbling with the idea of an ocean driven turbine beyond the Heads that could power the whole town but the fact is that the electricity would first have to be sold to Eskom and then back to us.

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