Car Crash Kills Knysna Locals — No Comments

  1. It was not 2 Knysna individuals. The man driving was from Uitenhage but currently living in Plett. He was returning his 2 daughters, and The eldests’s boyfriend back to Uitenhage, accompanied by his girlfriend. Him and his eldest daughter died on the scene and his girlfriend did infact pass on later in the hospital. The girls boyfriend and sister are still being treated at George Hospital. These are my friends. Please have your facts straight.

    • Thanks, Yusriyah. Please note that i said outright that all the facts were not there which is also why no names were mentioned. I was initially told that 4 had died and then saw that all the media reports said 2 which i hoped was true because, as a consolation, it was less. So now it’s 3 that has died – awful!!! Help from the public, such as yours, gets the truth out there – thank you.

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