Census Results: Knysna — 4 Comments

  1. Christy,
    Why not just be like the chinese in China have a residence book that has to be filled in and updated at the local police station to control population,and should you move out of that area you would have to report to the new area police station, as to why you are in there jurisdiction,or better yet why not reintroduce the pass laws into SA.Understand why the census was done,example you have to feed one hundred people but you only have enough for fifty,your planning a little out the window don’t you think.
    How do i know all this i am married to a chinese national,oh and i love China the other half of my family reside in the country.
    I would agree with you, i to believed the population to be bigger in the town.

    • There’s part of me that doesn’t want the government to know everything about us but another side that understands that the only way to a brighter future is through the government caring enough to know us, and our needs, better.

  2. Thanks for the effort Mike, just a comment on the Sensus results, its so far fetch, it aint funny. since you cant force people for info, there were alot of people who chose not to answer certain questions, especially round income!if someone on pezula told you he/she is earning R10000 p/m, you just have to mark it, if a white man told you he is white, you just have to mark it like that, furthermor the results, is just mere an idea of what the population look like on the night sensus started, for example, if people werent in SA on the night sensus started, they were not counted during the sensus period,in my mind the whole thing just created a bigger misperception of what is happening in the country. if ever i should get a platform where i can voice my opinion, i would say, that hospitals , airports and border posts, should be the points where track of population should be monitored, and municipalities, should have a department which monitor the econimic stance in their area. imagine, how many transients were missed, could you find anything stating how many foreingers were counted in knysna??????please let me know.

    • It’s incredibly fallible but there has to be a starting point. I, for one, believe that our population is much higher. If so, then what is already a scary population increase becomes super scary. As for foreigners, i have no idea. Very much doubt that that would come close as some would hide away. We can see how Asians have rapidly increased but, as they are given a category, so African immigrants be better categorized e.g. Malawians may be as plentiful as the Chinese in Knysna. I say none of this with disrespect. I’m not against foreigners who work hard. I just believe that we should understand our town’s make-up better.

      PS: There are, apparently, suppose to be more stats in 2 weeks time.

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