Controversial Buffalo Bay property sale (Part 1) — No Comments

  1. If there is a dispute regarding who is the rightful owner, the deeds office should have been approached. What is the title deed saying? Whether the land is in the name of the Eden or Knysna, it still belongs to public and the public must have a say in this.

  2. regarding the old Buffalo Bay backpackers- the problem is there is a squabble going on about who actually owns the land. KM says they do, but Eden municipality says it is theirs. That is why there will be no sale in immediate future. In the meantime it is falling into disrepair. There are plenty of people desperate to buy it, they also see its potential being wasted. I really hope the KM retains it. I believe they own it and the caravan park, but I am not the judge. Lets see..

  3. I need to ask this question and I will even ask it from the ANC in Knysna since I am a member. Where did they get the manadate to sell off our crown jewels? It is clear that the Knysna Municipality is in financial problems due to its mismanagement of funds. You cannot simply alienate property and especially along the coast. It should be mentioned that the new Coastal Management Act prohibits any development within 100 meteres from the coast. Should the municipality ultimately decide to sell this property it must comply with all the laws applicable to the alianation of municipal land and environmental considerations. Ray Barrel was long involved in WESSA he should know better, but it seems to me that since he joined the DA he forgot his principles. I will be watching!

  4. Wow!!! This is ridiculous!!!! People really need to know more!!! I wish your blogs reached more people in our local community. With someone like you we can all know when and where are these meetings being held. I think whats lacking at these meetings is the public, and i’ve noticed you have mentioned that alot in recent posts. I’m not clued up about everything but i’m definitely here to share your voice. Would be great if you could inbox all your followers in regards to municipal meeting etc as it affects us at the end of the day. i know its not your job its the municipalities job, but what else can we do? thanks for all the constant updates you keep my family informed.

  5. I am very interested in this topic and I will most certainly watch this space closely. I know that the DA is very corrupt when it comes to the sale of public land. They have a history in the southern cape of flouting the MFMA and giving land to the their pals who fund their election campaigns, but I will be monitoring this one very closely.

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