Corruption at the Knysna Vehicle Testing Station? — 3 Comments

  1. Im not sure if this applies. I tried to get a legitimate shuttle licence endorsed by Knysna Tourism some time ago. I had a VW Syncro bus, with steps, yellow tape, TARRE stickers, a professional drivers licence, insurance, medical training with certificate and endorsements from national fuel suppliers, and met all the conditions with the exceptions that I was a white male. The applications was rejected.
    At the same time I met Penny Mainwaring, who had a blue Opel Corsa and was operating a township tour, who at the same time applied. With her Opel Corsa, and Ella, a black lady as a partner, had their licence granted.
    No, medical, insurance, impaired access facility or any other required compliance was adhered. I was there personally when the licences were issued. I was needless to say shocked.
    How could two woman who had no experience with an Opel Corsa have a licence to operate granted to them, versus my own, completely fitted kombi.

    I simply left the region.

    How unfair is this

    • I can’t judge fairly on a situation i’m not familiar with but, on the surface, if i were you, i would have fought like hell before giving in. I would have thrown the ball into Tourism’s court, made them do the queries before returning with an emailed (record) response.

  2. Why appointing two firms to do the same job? Fruitless and wasteful expenditure!