Councillor Peter Myers had hatched a plan to take over the Council when he was still the Chairman of the DA Constituency. He’d since replaced Richard Dawson as my Ward 10 Councillor.

Susan Campbell delivered a complaint against Easton just before the 2016 Local Elections. Even though we’d long stood against Easton and shared notes, she suspiciously refused to share her evidence with me. Her odd behaviour was emphasised by the fact that I’d given her the opportunity to speak in Parliament against Easton and the ISDF. It had gained her television coverage.

The DA rarely acts on complaints, and hadn’t ever on mine, but Campbell’s friends were Peter Myers, Eleanore Spies and Mark Willemse. All had entered Council through consecutive by-elections, allegedly as part of Myer’s plan. The DA caucus had split roughly in half. Wolmarans led the other side. The timing of the complaint was obviously intended to be damaging. It worked. They won, Wolmarans lost.

The election happened just after the disciplinary procedure against Easton began.

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H036a Complaint Against MM - 5x tender fraud
H036b Complaint Against MM - racism and tender fraud
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