Ashley Barnes is a South African copwriter and marketer who supported corruption by being part of a propaganda campaign against me.

Mango Groove is a famous band in South Africa with Claire Johnston as its singer. I don’t know them. They were just one of the many good bands whose Youtube songs I posted on Facebook. I liked to start my subscribers’ morning off with a song. Besides loving music (which was most of my life before Knysna), I shared music from different cultures in the hope people would relate across the divide.

Whereas Ashley Barnes never accepted my offer to a sane meeting about crime and an end to her cyberstalking me, she somehow found my song post as reason to scratch at me. It was also unhealthy, celebrity bombing – sorry, Claire Johnston.

2016.10.12 AB nastiness Magnetic Creative Mango Groove Ashley barnes
The truth may be bitter but sharing it is sweet!