Johann Brummer, a Bitou DA councillor during the scandal, had publicly expressed concerns regarding the situation. He said that he was the one “who had uncovered the Xylophone scam.” He told me that he didn’t want to get involved in the mess again as he considered the DA cover-up to be the main reason why he was expelled from the party. He believed that decision had been made in Cape Town, and that MEC Anton Bredell had been part of it.

Many months later, an informant gave me a copy of a detailed email between Brummer and MEC Bredell. Although it doesn’t mention the Xylophone/Spies matter by name, it seemed to be referring to it (and other serious matters). That letter requires investigation on several levels. Why didn’t Bredell act on it. Why, instead, was a Council investigation in its advanced stages, cancelled?

02 2012.08.02a2 Brummer to Bredell Xylophone cover-up C148412 (Bitou)
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