The first two workshops I hosted for Knysna Tourism were well received. There were 31 students between them, and their composition was interesting in retrospect. It included Chris Spies, spokesperson for the local SAPS (South African Police Service). He’d later become an obstructor rather than a communicator. I’ve long held the thought that he’d run for office one day. Donovan Pofadder and Rowan Spies would become DA councillors in 2016. Shakespeare Arends joined the ACDP (African Christian Democratic Party) and become the DA’s coalition partner. All refused to assist me against corruption.

The follow-up community feedback session revealed that coloured and black people were deeply dissatisfied with Knysna Tourism. They justifiably felt excluded from the economy of the town. It was perceived that Tourism’s white Board of Directors had only white interests at heart. Considering the slow pace of change and that white contractors were getting most of the money, they were probably right. I reported this and more to CEO Shaun van Eck.

1b2 2011.04.20 Knysna Tourism community feedback
The truth may be bitter but sharing it is sweet!