Martin Hatchuel (Tourism writer)

Martin Hatchuel (propagandist)

Ashley Barnes and Martin Hatchuel falsely tried to tar me as a copyright thief in July 2016.

SANParks had invited writers to experience their new tourism route in the Knysna Forest. It was well organised and enjoyable. Professor de Jongh gave a lovely speech which I recorded and posted online for history buffs to enjoy. It would become another good deed punished.

Hatchuel and Barnes publicly accused me of plagiarising audio from Hatchuel’s video of the interview. On Knysna Gossip Column, Barnes used “steal”, “no ethics”, “absolute fraud”, and “leech” to describe me.

The lie was obvious. If they’d believed it, they’d have contacted me first. Plus Hatchuel must’ve noticed me recording with my cellphone, my arm held out (it was a small group). My recording was also better quality.

I emailed them, demanding an apology. Barnes never responded for a month. Hatchuel was immediate with, “Go fuck yourself.”

2016.07.15 Martin Hatchuel - Go Fuck Yourself - Barnes
The truth may be bitter but sharing it is sweet!