Rowan Spies was Knysna Mayor Eleanore’s Spies husband when he was implicated in graft and fraud in neighbouring Bitou Municipality. At that stage, she was still in the ANC.

When the DA took over Bitou in 2011, it ordered an investigation into a company called Xylophone Investments. Rowan was the front-man. His partner was Estelle Gie, wife of a local businessman who was considered to be well-connected to the ANC.

The resulting report by Mazars was damning. Rather than use the information as a victory over the ANC, the DA strangely buried it. Both Rowan and Eleanore would later become DA councillors.

After you read the report below, visit ‘Affidavits reveal Rowan Spies involved in fraud’.

Mazar's Final Report for DA Bitou Muncipality - Rowan Spies graft



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