In 2014, a document surfaced as scary snapshot of Knysna Tourism’s finances. There were “unforseen” monthly expenses of R20,000. I assumed that was Chairman Vogt’s pay on the side. Plus there was another R33,000 listed under consultants. Strangely, cash wages of R45,000 were also being paid out.

The biggest concern was that one of the stipulations for Tourism to receive funding (and thus exist), was that it had to spend 20% of the funds it was given on development for previously disadvantaged communities. That amounted to approximately R800,000 that year yet only R1,000 was being spent monthly. I considered them robbing the poor.

Public funds were being illegally used by the DA-led Knysna Municipality to cover the debt from Knysna Tourism’s maladministration and illegal activities. This document shows how bad the company was doing in 2013, spending money in wrong place.

1p3 2014.07.10 scary snapshot of knysna tourism finances
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