Councillors Must Be Held Accountable — 6 Comments

  1. Good idea. But I guarantee not one would sign it. Would avoid the issue like they do everything else.
    What are we, the public of Knysna going to do. We have more than facts, but still not enough to make them accountable. !!!!

  2. Good idea yes, but they won’t honour the piece of paper they sign if they do not now even honour the laws and mandate they were given or the promises they made to the eloctorate. Such a form would just be another promise they can break.

  3. Very good idea! I am just worried that they might award tenders to their cronies to pay the R 150K!

    Councillors MUST be accountable to those who voted them into office and not the leaders of the party such in Knysna. If Allan Winde says right councillors turn right without asking why they should turn right. We cannot allow our town to become a circus! I heard that the Mayor’s daughter works in the planning department on a contract, was give a laptop and a new desktop two months ago. The post in which she was appointed on contract was advertised and she performed dismally and the best candidate still awaits answer from the Knysna Municipality. Is this wat the voters voted for in Knysna?

    • @ Peace of Eden – i hadn’t heard about the mayor’s daughter. Anyone out there have info, i will of course be happy to receive it.

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