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  1. The statistics are very disturbing. I was about to purchase a property in Knyana heights as I want to move down from Pretoria but after accidently coming accross this website I have put my plans on hold until further research is done. I think maybe Sedgefield or Wilderness is a better bet. I dont want to live in a pretty town with a ticking time bomb. I wanted to escape the Gauteng crime. Kallie E.

    • Hi, Kallie. Sedgefield is part of the Knysna Municipality. Best thing you could ever do is to rent a place here for 6 months. Get the feel of the area. Nowhere in SA is going to be safe as unemployment grows whilst politicians rob us. Knysna has many benefits and most will state that it’s still an amazing place to live. I fight issues because i love it here.

  2. Plettenberg Bay I grow-up there and Knysna was my shopping town the love I got for these two towns is amazing and my whole life is these two towns when I finish reading what I just read I was shocked and that means I also have to do something and Mike as citizens we are fully behind you and don’t give up fighting cause it the right of the next generation which is our future young brothers and sister and so is our children if we still want things to be the same as what the towns were like COMMUNITY members need to pay attention to what you are addressing us with and don’t run away from the reality cause it happening and im glad you did but the word out there, for me living in Durban now I still want my baby girl to visit these two towns without fear and so brother im 100% behind you and together as COMMUNITY MEMBERS nothing is defeat we can win this, SPECIAL THANKS TO MIKE AND YOUR TEAM THIS IS AMAZING TRUTH IS THE WAY FORWARD SO CRIME IS A WAY OUT FOR LAYZ PEOPLE LET BEAT CRIME BY STANDING TOGETHER , From Welcome Zamo Ndlovu Durban

  3. Crime is not a political issue, so its pointless blaming the DA or ANC. Crime is a police issue. Crime prevention is a police responsibility. Combatting crime is a police responsibility. Investigating crime is a police function. Let’s start at the top – Our last SA National Police commissioners were crooks. The present national police commissioner is not a policewoman. As long as the cops are too few, not properly trained and do not have the support of the community, we will continue to have high crime.

    • I agree with much of what you say but not with regards blame. Leaders are elected to lead. Their role is to find solutions to problems, to improve our lives. The SAPS is not a separate government. The numerous idiot police chiefs we’ve had only got there because of ANC influence. Likewise, the DA doesn’t gets to wash it’s hand of one of the most important matters affecting not only our lives but the future of South Africa.

  4. Shocking is an understatement! For the past 5 years our family have been fighting the system with no positive outcome! Being victims ourselves with the loss of a beloved sister whom was murdered on the Knysna Heads we still have no closure to this dramatic murder case. My mother Mrs Zeelie along with other members of the public are in the process of organizing a protest against crime. I left South Aftica in 2000 but fear for the safety of family I left behind. It is truly disappointing that a town I once called my home has turned into a crime hotspot.
    Mrs D Thorpe

    • It is disappointing to hear of your pain. There are others like you in Knysna. I have no idea what our conviction rate is but, nationally, in 2009, murder was at 13% and sex crimes was 11.5%. Of all cases actually getting to court (2011/2012), over 70% got off.

  5. I am trying with job creation programs, but our local Mayor totally ignored my request for a meeting. I outlined what I wanted to discuss, but was told to send business plans. Bullshit! I want to get photo id and t-shirts for job seekers once they have been screened. Blue for builder, green for gardener and yellow for general labourerers. We must mandate reccycling and I have worked out a system that creates jobs and integrates with the existing waste removal system. Tackling alien plants, esp cat 1 like black wattle is another job creation project, but they prefer to stick with existing system where overgrown fire hazard properties have to get reported to fire dept by neighbours before action is taken. Rubbish! I am fed up with this bunch of fat cat lounge lizards.

  6. Disturbing! Shocking!
    Its a difficult one, and its not just a police problem. The only way we can change this is to get this useless DA administration in Knysna to work for the people rather than the other way round. To do that we need to publicize this extensively and that will have a major negative effect on tourism in the short term with consequent economic fallout. Naturally that will worsen the crime problem.
    Perhaps there should be a collective of concerned and interested parties from all sectors that will put the DA Knysna administration to terms setting out a required and audit-able proactive response. If the DA fail to deliver the consequences will be a concerted media campaign exposing the facts which will either get them to deliver or get them out.
    I think it disgusting that the Knysna DA executives, et al, with their inherent inertia are paying themselves such exorbitant salary packages in the circumstances. It bothers me and my family so much that we have considered relocating our home and recording studio elsewhere. I’m sure that would please them.

    • I’m a firm believer in admitting the problem. You lose in the short term but it’s the only way to win in the long term. We have a problem with leadership. There isn’t a single, strong leader in any of the political parties in Knysna. The ANC, DA and COPE have failed Knysna. It’s become an us versus them scenario which is impractical and ridiculous. The situation could never have happened without the public allowing it to. So, yes, different parties need to get together but they always fail because of hidden agendas or too many wanting to be the boss. I gave it a bash earlier this year and found that not one person followed through as a collective. I fear that one undermining reason was intended future, political ambitions being placed ahead of our community. Even i have considered relocating. Sure that some will rejoice at that thought but it will only emphasise their lack of production. Fact is, without good neighbours (and that includes being active), then Knysna becomes less and less a home until it isn’t.

  7. Ok Mike, so what does one do about this. My children, but more importantly my grandchildren are emigrating back to Knysna from the UK. Can the Knysna locals do anything to change the current status and if so, how?

    • The situation will only worsen so long as people keep playing the DA/ANC blame game. They have to start by cleaning the parties they support from within. Right now, it’s and us and them in several variations. In Knysna, the DA is in power so they’re a bigger prerogative. A clean DA could start an education campaign with subsequent training to ensure that locals believe they can be a machine for change. Without citizen action, we will definitely lose. And a clean DA would alter their prerogatives so that crime, drugs and education are top of the agenda. We hear such good lip service but the reality is that there’s no change on the ground.

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