DA allegedly hiring R1-million per day spin doctor

DA allegedly hiring R1-million per day spin doctor - Sir Lynton Crosby
You cannot trust the DA. Every person there is evil.
That is only exaggeration if you can list the names of DA politicians who’ve been publicly honest about the vast corruption I’ve exposed. You can’t see the good DA members because there aren’t any. There are only masters and dogs in the DA, power and salaries trumping you or me.
Newspapers are reporting that DA leaders recently met Sir Lynton Crosby whose nickname is the Lizard from Oz (yes, conspiracy theorists, go crazy). Crosby was previously paid R70-million by the UK’s Conservative Party for his spin doctor role in their ant-Brexit campaign. He was controversially known for his anti-immigrant ads and has been associated with other right-wing activities. Why is the liberal DA considering hiring him? They have long lost their liberalism in pursuit of black vote en-route to more power. They had no problem with pretending Nelson Mandela was their icon when he clearly wasn’t.
The DA is a mafia that used good marketing to pretend to be something else. Marketing is the lie that offers hope to the gullible who vote the same again and again. But with Zuma gone, the DA’s bum cracks have been showing.
If you make complaint about maladministration and corruption, the DA ignores you until you’re exhausted. If you’re persistent, demanding justice, they use propaganda, take you to court and try jail you. That’s what is happening to me. I have to constantly wonder what they will do to me next which is why I’ve been blogging to you regularly when I should be preparing for court – I want you to know the truth!
DA Western Cape Liar Bonginkosi Madikizela.bmpWhy is it that DA Western Cape Leader Bonginkosi Madikizela told Cape Take listeners that no crime exists unless its with the Hawks…. yet the DA has complained bitterly about the Hawks… and Bongi is in possession of evidence which he, the servant of his bosses, refuses to act on, not via investigation and not via disciplinary hearings? He labels evidence that clearly exists as “imaginary” or “frivolous” but will never mention what he’s talking about, thus become propaganda himself.
The ethic code of the DA is another marketing lie. Disciplinary hearings and new rules seemed aimed at getting rid of faction enemies rather than immorality. Yes, think Patricia de Lille, Mark Willemse and Peter Myers.
The DA will probably spend more than R350-million on their election campaign. Do DA members want them spending their membership fees and donations on the likes of Sir Lynton Crosby or would they prefer the DA spend all that money on investigating and punishing corruption which would ironically gain them free coverage from media that is mostly for sale to political interests.
Unfortunately, there’s a game for South Africa… and we, the citizens of this beautiful but broken nation, aren’t invited to play. The DA shows us our lives are just “frivolous”.