The DA & ANC's Financial Rape of Knysna's Taxpayers — 6 Comments

  1. MP’s have also had a 5% increase taking them to well over R900 000 per year – luckily for them the SABC clowns have forbidden the cameras to film MP’s sleeping during proceedings. Nice work, if you can get it.

  2. Well call them what ‘we’ want,”fat cats/hipocrates”,as long as the gravy is flowing why not have some.That is why I don’t like politics the D.A is quick to point fingers at National government for reckless spending and that the pu lic service wage bill is increasing,but what is the D.A doing to create oppertunities for all and not a select few(double standards).Mike if you have an oppertunity drive through the streets of Concordia,Khayalethu…White location,I can name them all and see isf basic services is really being delivered in these communities and if there are any if any service roads.We can blame politicians all we want but what are we doing to rectify the situation other than write letters and complaine…let’s look for solutions rather than point fingers.I bid you adieu

    • Hugen, it’s reasonable to expect the starting point to be election promises which were “austerity”, transparency” and an “open door policy”. The DA failed us on that. And surely solutions start through dialogue and public participation? But they haven’t been keen on that.
      We need to know that the DA upholds the law. If they were truly looking out for the best interests of Knysna, they’d have prosecuted people at Knysna Tourism and objected to the ISDF tender.
      They have a helluva job on their hands but they don’t get to be leaders when they choose, they have to be so all the time.
      PS: As for finger pointing, how much further down a hole would society be if there were no watchdogs? And, personally, visit my other sites to see how i’ve tried to assist our town.

  3. the reality of the situation is that all politcians are cut from the same cloth….they all bitch and moan when the opposition is in office about a range of things esp when it comes to money…..and when they are then elected into power they do the exact thing that they preached so loudly against……they are all self serving hipacrits……and all line (steal from the public might be a better word to use) their own pockets when its “their” time…..the scary thing they always seem to get away with it……….this is y i refuse to vote, whats the point……i wont vote for a party just because i dislike them less than the other…….not 1 party ever really steps up to the plate and SERVES the people as they should (or claim to)………. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!! ITS DISGUSTING AND SHAMEFULL……..but i dont think you even care, coz is always about you…….. and what you think you deserve…….

    • I share your disgust, Bryn! But it’s also the duty of the public to ensure the right people are there and, more importantly, that they are held accountable. If anything, our current crop of rotten politicians is the direct result of public apathy. Apathy will sink us all.

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