DA Fails Us Whities Again — No Comments

  1. Okay Mike let us agree to disagree. I will take this debate up with you personally when I am again visiting Knysna. Have a great day!

  2. Mike please don’t make me lough. Whether you are afrikaans speaking or english speaking white, you have benefited from apartheid and to a certain extent are still benefiting. The problem with mainly white people in this country is that they want us to move forward from an equal footing and completely disregarding the inequalities. The playing field is not level my friend and therefore we need redress.

    • You know me better than your comment allows. I have explained my intentions and goodwill through countless blogs. I had no riches as a child but what i did benefit from apartheid was an almost free school education. 20 years down the line, the blaming of white people loses weight. History, anywhere in the world, has rarely been about colour but rather class warfare, the poor against the rich with a bunch of worker bees in between. White run companies such as Coca Cola and Anglo American raped this country during apartheid just as the BEE billionaires do today. The greatest inequality is in financial extremity.

  3. Mike i think you should read the Constitutional Court judgment regarding the Barnard matter and the reasons why the judges have arrived at their decision. Racism was at the heart of apartheid and we as black people today are still experiencing the legacy of apartheid. Affirmative action is not new in South Africa. The Afrikaners rightly implemented it after the 1930 depression and intensified it after 1948. Affirmative action to my mind does not mean that one should overlook merit when it comes to the employment of a candidate. It is unfortunate, but necessary that race is used to give effect to the provisions of the Constitution. This democracy is only 20 years old and the inequalities between black and white will take a very long time to address. The majority of our black brothers and sisters who were not part of the apartheid project and who were born after 1994 are unfortunately still benefiting one way or the other from apartheid. This is a debate that we should encourage in order for all of us to understand the real effects of apartheid not only on the black people prior to 1994 but also the black child who lives in township today. I am very positive about the future of this country, but it will take an concerted effort by all of us to make it work.

    • I do not share your optimism. BEE has been a failure. Inequality should never be sorted by taking away someone else’s job. Us English okes have now experienced it twice, first by the National Party and now by the ANC. Discrimination of any sort is wrong. Even if you took away every white person’s job, there would still be massive black and coloured unemployment in South Africa. Inequality would be far better repaired by creating new jobs. The corruption in our government is a much greater problem than ‘white people’. If someone is a good leader, or has skills to share, that’s the person you support (no matter their colour) because it can only benefit all South Africans in the long run.

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