The DA’s Relationship with Nathan Kirsh and Glynnis Breytenbach — No Comments

  1. Her relationship is exactly the same type of relationship all tribe members have with israhell. Full compliance.
    There’s always the financial leg-up followed by the power-base leg-up. The same in every single country that has israel-firsters in positions of power, (most western countries, and quite a few ME countries. Like Egypt)
    They always vehemently protect israhell as “the only democracy in the Middle East” and usually end up as the opposition leaders.
    Consider it was not too long ago that Umkhonto was full of israel-firsters, pushing the ANC agenda in some very influential arena’s with some really heavyweight money behind them. Finally, they won the hard fought battle and the ANC came to power, the very people they fought so hard for.
    Along came Tony Leon, a definite israhell firster who eventually handed over to another israhell firster, Helen Zille. Money was no object back then, and, seemingly right now too.
    You do the math.

    • It’s a fascinating maths you present, Patrick, but i’m not willing to add up the equation as it would take up a lot of time for me to pursue and veer me away from Knysna topics. Additionally, people want to sue me for the Kirsh/Primedia/DA topic so i may have to preserve some time for their action. I currently await their response to my response.

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