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  1. Mike I do agree with you wholeheartedly.Lets get on with the job of serving all the poeple of Knysna equally. They deserve it!

  2. You are correct Mike, that is the law. If the opposition parties are excluded from the process of appointing the municipal manager, they can approach the High Court to review the decision on a procedural point and the individual councillors who have voted in favour of the decision can be held liable in terms of the provisions of section 14 of the Municipal Systems Amendment Act 7 of 2011 which in effect includes item 2A to Schedule 1 of the principal Act (Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000. The new item 2A provides that “A councillor may not vote in favour of or agree to a resolution which is before the council or a committee of the council which conflicts with any legislation applicable to local government.”
    I trust you will find the aforesaid in order! Please inform those undemocratic alliance accordingly.

    • Thanks, Terrence. Input always appreciated.

      I’m anti anything which hampers getting the job done. In this case, the Knysna Council should heed in-house legal advice, appoint the committee, and get on with the business of appointing a cheaper, yet qualified, Municipal Manager. Instead, party politics gets put first and us, the public, get put last. Utter bullshit.

      When law is finally applied, i hope that the opposition parties will be constructive i.e. not be hypocrites and object to appointments based on their political affiliations.

      Municipal positions must be apolitical otherwise their jobs can never be accomplished successfully. There must be no “cadre deployments” from either party.

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