DA Marries AGANG, Helen Hugs Mamphela — No Comments

  1. So be it. I for one am disappointed. I really believe that politics is better off with a large variety of smaller parties, giving us more choice.
    Some say “better the devil you know” – my conscience says “rather take a chance on those you don’t know than support a devil”
    Perhaps this just gives insight into her true colours.

    • I agree. We need much more opposition. Not to mention that Mamphela’s needs seem to be ahead of her party’s as AGANG are now in disarray (and not part of a smooth transition and embrace we were first led to believe). From the DA’s side, it’s many things, part of which is the continued BEE propaganda campaign. People get pushed up for being black, not for earning their stripes. With a situation where political parties merge, there has to be positional reward but how does this apply to AGANG who have never solidified a policy position let alone run in an election. Cries of ‘DAgang’ will become regular.

    • Pieter Mulder, from the FF Plus, reminded us on PoliticsWeb that Mamphele Ramphele said, at the start of AGANG: “What would I have accomplished if I had joined the DA or even a newly-established DA. Nothing.” Too easy to believe that politics is self-serving.

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