DA Opposes ‘Medical Marijuana Bill’ — No Comments

  1. The pharmaceutical industry has various cancer treatments. These have been extensively tested for efficacy and safety. (the results are that they are not very effective or safe, but they have been tested)
    Marijuana has not had the same level of testing by the pharmaceutical industry, so they refuse to allow you to use them?
    DA seems to have bought into this bullshit. They want to protect people from unscrupulous doctors, by exposing them to the treatments of an unscrupulous pharmaceutical industry.
    Almost every large drug company has been found guilty and paid fines for falsifying or manipulating test results, even when you are dying, they deny you the right to chose your own treatment – sickening.

    • They simply make more money out of other drugs and the DA is, as always, friends of big business before the public. One of my relatives has terminal cancer yet the doctors have sucked her dry. The first round of chemo rendered her unconscious and she embarrassingly shat herself in front of many others having chemo. The latest was an attempt by the doctors to get a month’s worth of experimental pills from the USA for R52 000 – thank goodness medical aid said no. Second BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY how can an individual’s rights be removed, especially when facing a serious illness or a terminal one – let them choose whatever they think is best for themselves!

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