Knysna DA Overspends Big Time… on Furniture! — No Comments

  1. I hope those ANC councillors who are currently there will not return. But it does not depend on the ANC whether there will be consequences or not. The community has a role to play and these matters can and must be brought to the attention of the Auditor General and the Public Protector. Warring took out ANC membership just before her appointment as a director. There is no evidence whatsoever that she is in fact a member. An ANC member must belong to a branch and if you fail to renew your membership annually, you are considered not to be member finish en klaar. In fact I don’t care whether she is a member, if she violated the MFMA as she has done in this instance, there must be consequences.

  2. Wolmarans have put on a lot of weight since she became Mayor. There will be consequences for these outrageous spending!

    • What consequence. It’s not like the ANC ever does anything. Can you give me an example of that useless lot having being affective the past 3 years? Disappointment in our politicians goes 2-ways.

  3. Ironically, they (DA) point finger at ANC, but are not doing better! Lauren must really see that she disappears before the next local government elections, because there will be consequences for unauthorized expenditure. But even if she disappeared she will be pursued for mismanagement in terms of sections 61 and 173 of the MFMA. Knysna’s roads are in disrepair and all manner of shit is running into the lagoon, but these fat cats are spending millions on furniture.

    • I may criticise the DA but i consider the ANC to be worse. The standard is set far too low in South Africa. And doesn’t Lauren Waring carry an ANC card? The day she is pursued would become a historical day for Knysna.