DA Rot Proof #1: MEC Alan Winde illegally funding companies


A Section 21 company called Knysna Tourism illegally receives approximately R4-million of Public funds annually. Knysna Municipality’s supply chain management process hasn’t been followed. The company is funded without having to tender and then distributes the money without tenders, opening themselves to cronyism.

Since I first started protesting against this, Knysna Tourism has received approximately R30-million. The questionable amount will be far higher, possibly in the hundreds of millions, because other DA towns are doing the same. In the spotlight is DA MEC Alan Winde whom Bantu Holomisa claimed is the DA’s goal as the next Premier of the Western Cape.

Knysna Tourism ran into debt 4 years in a row and was illegally bailed out each time by the annual and illegal grant-in-aid which was never approved by the Grant-in-Aid Committee.

Maladministration and corruption was ongoing. The initial CEO was internally found guilty on 4 charges of gross insubordination, each a dismissive offence, yet walked away with a R270,000 golden handshake after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

A complicit Board member took over unofficially, the organisation still receiving Public funds whilst having no official CEO for 2 years. As he was a non-executive Director, payments to him were illegal, thus paid via a third party, a company in which he was also a Director.

After 6 years of my protest, and although the contravention of law was blatant, the Knysna Municipality ordered legal opinion. I believe that they hoped to find legal loophole. Instead, the detailed opinion was clear that the process was illegal.

Despite this evidence, the DA voted to fund Knysna Tourism illegally again, rumouredly on the orders of Minister of Economic Opportunities Alan Winde.

Deputy Mayor Peter Myers, an advocate and chartered accountant, had refused to assist me previously. He stood side by side with Winde against me. I believe that due to a DA faction war, he started to use my activism issues, without communicating with me,  as weapons of defence and counter-attack. Although his motives are questionable, he’s standing on the right side of the Law.

Myers stood against the illegal funding of Tourism. So did Knysna Municipality’s Planning Director Marlene Boyce.

Myers was ridiculously removed from the MAYCO for being ‘difficult to get along with” when it was obvious the DA was continuing to cover-up their mess. He was replaced by a non-DA councillor which suggests how desperate the Mayor’s faction wanted to keep control. Myers lost the Section 80 Financial portfolio despite being the only person with relevant qualification. A DA disciplinary hearing is currently trying to get rid of him.

The attack against Boyce is no less subtle. Mayor Eleanore Spies  and the unqualified Municipal Manager Kam Chetty are taking the radical step to remove the Planning Director’s post from the organogram. That means that they’d have to pay Boyce over R3-million to leave.

This is the price of DA cover-up.

Download Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Attorneys legal opinion or view the conclusion in the image below before reading ‘DA Rot Proof #2: Property Developer Favouritism’.

2017.05 Knysna Tourism illegally funded - conclusion

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