DA Rot Proof #2: Property Developer Favouritism


This is perfect example of the Democratic Alliance (DA) choosing the interests of property developers over the interests of the Public. It’s possible other interests were involved, other plans were being hatched to piggyback this, but let me rather focus on the hard facts.

The ISDF, a 30-year plan for Knysna, was rumoured to be the test case by the DA for the Western Cape. The ISDF is significant because IDPs are only 5-year plans. Although it’s logical to plan longer ahead, it amplifies danger for the Public when in corrupt hands.

The ISDF tender was illegally given to property developers who never won the tender and had the most conflict of interest.

After much controversy and years of delay due to citizen activism, Western Cape Local Government, Environmental Affairs & Development Planning MEC Anton Bredell gave the go-ahead for the tender. he did so despite a damning investigation which he’d kept hidden until it was later revealed by resident Susan Campbell through the George Office of the Public Protector (who had merely obtained the document, not investigated it).

When questioned in the Provincial Legislature, Bredell repeatedly committed perjury. It was captured on video and has been provided to several authorities who have failed to act on it.

When queried about Knysna corruption, and in particular the ISDF tender, Bredell lied that the Public Protector had cleared it. He claimed the impossible because part of the Love Knysna Petition complaint to Parliament is because the Public Protector never investigated it and has refused to investigate their staff member involved.

Bredell lied that Treasury and Local Government had cleared the tender which is blatantly untrue if you read the investigation. He ignored the evidence to give the green light to property developers who hadn’t won the tender.  He must have thought the DA too powerful for the truth to be let out.

Bredell implied that Parliament had cleared it too which is also lie because only two of the three hearings had taken place and thus no conclusion had being made at that stage. When the process ended, the NCOP Select Committee Petitions & Executive Undertakings recommended that the National Office of the Public Protector must investigate all my allegations and also why the Western Cape Public Protector offices had failed to do their job.

Download the ISDF investigation report here. Note Bredell’s signature at the bottom.

Western Cape MEC Anton Bredell is a liar.

Despite many complaints to the DA Federal Executive and Premier Helen Zille, he remains in his job. He’s protected because the DA is a lie.

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