DA Secrecy: The Death of Our Knysna Citizenship — No Comments

  1. My forays down to my home in Knysna demonstrate an enduring truth about South Africa. Beneath the railings against officialdom / politicians lies a whole host of good people; people wanting to do the right thing. That I’m convinced of. I have met a number in KZN and a few in Knysna.

    So I just wonder if quietly there are a number of officials in this town wanting to engage with private, qualified people who might wish to offer their professional assistance. After all the Chamber of Business forum in Knysna has collapsed. I would like to suggest that confrontation might be overtaken if behind closed doors such willing people could engage with those officials that are quietly agreeing with all that you expose on your web site.

    Publicly, this won’t work. But there is great humanity in South Africa. I think many of our officials want help or advise or would be quietly keen to establish a private forum that can help engage in the hugely challenging dynamics of 21stC South Africa.

    Richard Compton

    • There is certainly agreement with me by some staff in the Knysna Municipality. You are correct in that there are hallowed people within those tainted walls. They, like much of the public, are followers not leaders. Changing local government from negative to positive is probable with the replacement of a few such as Finance Director and the Municipal Manager. The secondary challenge is politicians who place their oversight role before the wishes of their party leaderships elsewhere in the country. We need strong people who are prepared to tell us the reality of the situation we are in. It won’t be pretty, maybe even overwhelming but the only chance we have at overcoming problems is by first admitting that they exist. More specifically towards qualified people assisting our debt-besieged Municiplaity for free, that should be welcomed but as to any volunteers being around for the long course would remain to be seen.

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