DA: What’s happening in Knysna unique to South Africa

Mark Willemse Knysna

“I’m overwhelmed by your show of force to keep me as Mayor… we need to keep this force going. I’m not going to stand back. I’m not going to allow this process to be steamrolled. The DA leadership is talking and trying to find solutions because this is unique, this has never happened in the country before. It has never happened where the ANC and the DA are working together for the good of a town.”

Knysna Mayor Mark Willemse broke his silence when speaking to supporters and protestors (depending on which DA you support) in the street last night.

“If more communities can take the lead from what has happened here, I’m sure we will see better results in service delivery throughout the country, because when a community pulls together, things can happen…”

Willemse returned to talks with Western Cape Liar Bonginkosi Madikizela who had allegedly given Willemse until 4pm yesterday to resign, a deadline that had passed. The most powerful person in the DA, Federal Executive Chair James Selfe, was rumoured to also be in town.

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UPDATE: Local Government MEC Anton Bredell was also in town to “talk” to Mayor Willemse. The DA leadership’s contribution was to give Willemse a second deadline: “Resign by 9am.” That’s unsurprising since Bredell is implicated in Knysna’s corruption. As there’s been no news, it’s assumed Willemse has not given into their demand.



Posted by Sharon Dreyer on Friday, 8 June 2018