DA Wins Bitou Ward 7 By-Election — No Comments

  1. Hi Mike.
    Although, we the residents of Plett are just as annoyed with the DA with their arrogance and lack of communication with the residents, this vote will hopefully at least allow them to get back to work. Funny how when they were voted in we were promised a by weekly report from the mayor, which became a monthly report to now ZERO report, except when they try and convince us that we as residents will not be paying for the recently wasted legal costs. Who are they trying to fool!!.

    • Yep, funny how “funny” in politicalese translates as “lies”. We have the same in Knysna, a high horse disdain for public. There is very little care left when it’s needed most. Yes, hoping it’s back to work to, for the sake of Plett. Check out the site in 5 minutes. ANC sent an interesting press release which i’ll post.

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