DA/ANC political shitstorm in Oudtshoorn — 11 Comments

  1. Dark Lord? Are you implying that Mills went to Oudtshoorn Municipality to offer his services. I assume that you should no better as an attorney yourself that state organs have procurement processes that they have to follow in terms of the Constitution, Systems Act and the MFMA. I can safely say that Mills was approached by the municipality since his firm is on the data base and because of his record as an successful litigator. You will agree with me that in Bitou he success rate at Bitou was 96%. The problem with small town attorneys and especially in the Southern Cape, they are very envious of people who are successful and some of them want to keep the business among the “old boys club”. A certain attorney who is on the Council of the Cape Law Society targeted Mills and victimised him by using his office as a council member to instigate frivolous and vexatious investigations against him. In the matters handled by Mills he had to work with a junior advocate and a senior, therefore the allegation that he pocketed R3 million is far from truth and you Mr Darklord ought to know this. Give Mills a bells!

  2. “Everybody Pities The Weak, Jealousy You Have To Earn” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

  3. Follow the money.

    What is the one common denominator in the millions of rands litigated out in Bitou 4 years ago, and the millions of legal costs heaping up in Oudtshoorn now? Who is the one attorney that seems to be followed by, or follows the “political and social earthquakes” in Eden? Who is the one (and possibly only) person who consistently benefits from all of these legal battles?

    Want to assign blame? Follow the money…

    • I’m not quick to agree with you. Being a political lawyer is in no way as powerful as a political party. Beneficiaries are a product of our government-not-for-the-people. And the public are as much to blame for allowing it. Hardy has his critics, for sure (!) but none i’ve encountered give credit when he makes a point. The DA sucks. The ANC sucks. Focus on the broken promises.

      • “The war between the DA and the ANC has only one outcome – the public loses! ” – Wicked Mike

        “War between DA & ANC = Public loses.” – Wicked Mike

        So who is winning/gaining?
        Those who enable/perpetuate the war or those committed to finding solutions and ways to work out differences in order to deliver services?

        There HAS to be a better, cheaper and more embracing way to fix things. Litigation always stretches the divide and pushes people further away from one another.

  4. O mankind, thy nature be thy downfall! Quantum Physicists rejoice! The age-old paradox of cause and effect reversal has been explained by the huge wobbly brains of the ANC/DA Alliance.

    But here’s an interesting twist. “Barrow is at present in Franschhoek busy with his wine cellar and will revert later this week.” I think this basically translates as: “this country is a massive shitbasket of cowardice and opportunism, and I’m as much to blame as anybody. When is someone else going to come and make it better again?” or, at the very least “Screw the victims, it’s all about my erection.” I think we should introduce Sharia law into SA legislation.

    Could we have a bit of transparency up there? Some honesty from the political elitists? Some whistle-blower to just tell the truth and bugger the consequences? Hmmm.. This is a bit like asking a handbag full of ice-cream to give a lecture on the role of neurotrophic factors in the growth of motor neurons. Even if it was willing, it’s just not equipped to pull it off.

    • No ways i can top your comment.

      On a personal level, shit like this makes me very tired. I fear we’ve lost the battle for South Africa. Too often, i’m asking myself why the hell i’m still fighting. My verbal supporters may have grown exponentially but supporters in action remains at zero. Apathy, laziness and fear are as much to blame for these irresponsibilities and crimes.