Nathan Kirsh, the DAgang Billionaire Donor Revealed? — No Comments

  1. Whether the ANC or DA grows or shrinks, or a new party one day overcomes both of them, corruption of the body politic will continue and even worsen without structural changes in how political entities disclose their finances.
    To just blithely accept the corrupt status quo with a “nothing to see here, move on” smacks of a naivety endemic to SA voters and we will carry on being shafted, year in and year out, because of the sheeple mentality capable of publicly uttering such nonsense.
    Spend your time arguing with the politically brainwashed to convince them that the thieving must stop, and that there is no qualitative difference between your party stealing from you and the other guy’s party stealing from you.
    It is beyond time that political parties and their benefactors were regulated and their relationships subjected to proper oversight. We can keep bickering over who should expose themselves first or we can unite in our demands for the money to be shown.

  2. Who would have thought?
    Wealthy businessman has shares in many businesses, shock horror!
    Wealthy businessman gives money to a political party! This is a real expose’. What do you want to do now? Put him in jail?
    You can rest assured, this guy donates money to the ANC too, and for different reasons.
    Nothing to see here, move on. Political parties do not survive on membership fees.
    Donations to political parties are tax deductible whereas donations to a hospice are not.

    • The main point is that politicians are not being honest with us. Sure, you can throw your hands up in the air with more pretend shock and horror at that non-revelation but that doesn’t make it right. It makes it very wrong.