De Lille resigns, the DA’s day of shame

De Lille resigns, Mmusi Maimane and DA day of shame

Mayor Patricia de Lille resigns and the DA drops charges against her. The DA’s worst press conference and their day of shame – zero honesty, zero facts and zero explanation.

De Lille repeatedly claimed to want the disciplinary hearing to clear her name but now she trades her resignation for removal of the hearing – she’s a liar.

Similarly, the DA insisted this was all about accountability and for the people they serve yet has failed to produce the evidence leading to the charges against De Lille – liars.

No transparency, no accountability and possibly a protection of corruption for mutual benefit. It’s likely that each had dirt on the other, reaching agreement that put the Party before the Public.

It makes zero sense that De Lille gets an extra two months as Mayor. That’s not in the interests of Cape Town.

Maimane again never looked like a leader. He portrayed a beaten man who’d been ordered to say things he didn’t want to say. And De Lille looked guilty.

It’Patricia de Lille resigns, DA day of shame and liess guaranteed that what happened today will strengthen the divide within the DA and the Cape Town caucus.

Consequently, I thank all involved in this mess for opening the eyes of the Public to the fact that the DA is as rotten as any other major party. The ANC failed the Western Cape. The DA has too. And the EFF will coalition flip-flop between the two.

I encourage readers to accept that we’ll lose no matter which major party we vote for. We need to be brave and start again, with protest, by voting for anyone but them. We may not win the coming election but we must plant a seed for the next if we ever want our future to bloom.

Strength to smaller parties and death to politics that doesn’t care about us!