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  1. I think your anonymous writer should have the guts to ‘come out’ and take responsibility for his/her utterances. (Or are YOU the anonymous writer, Michael? – SOMEone is trying to stir discontent in order to get the ANC back in power, which would get ‘them’ … just where / what ??) I’d love to know, for sure, just what the writer’s real motivation is. I’m pretty sure it’s not genuinely the interests of the people of Bitou. I say “stop playing dangerous games and let the DA sort out the ‘nonsense’ that the ANC left them with and get on with the job that they are quite capable of doing”. If the ANC get back into power it will be a huge step backwards for Bitou. ANC is not ready for this task – maybe in years to come, when they have been shown how to do the job efficiently and honestly without filling their own back pockets. When that time comes, hey, I’ll even vote ANC. Carol Humphrey

    • It’s rare but if a person reveals them self to me and i believe that encourages public debate, i will respect anonymity. As to accusing me of being the anonymous writer is very silly. I’ve put over 400 000 words of greater intensity into this blog – i don’t hide. As for people having hidden intentions, that is often the case but shouldn’t be avoided if it can bring facts to light… in my experience, that is likely to happen. Comments without substantiation don’t carry much weight. I respect you for putting your name to your comment (!) but you must argue lest a comment is just seen as more ANC versus DA/DA versus ANC nonsense that South Africa is used to. I ask that you please make your argument with facts – that’s a much better way for the public to build their views and eventually their own opinion. My opinion has been clear in several blogs i.e. the ANC screwed up Plett. Then the DA screwed up Plett.

  2. Firstly, Memory Booysen is just doing what he is told. Liz Mundel, Donald Grant etc. are in charge, not the mayor, and they take orders from Cape Town. Memory will land up taking the fall in the end, that comes with the territory, but without a ‘black’ mayor, the DA would have had a lot more trouble in the 5 out of 7 wards that they lost.
    Adam van Rhyner was the Cope candidate with the most votes, Mike it is not a technicality, it is policy. Cope got enough votes for 1 proportional representation seat on council.
    Imagine a system where there are no political parties in local municipalities, councillors voted in as individuals (all independant) to represent their wards, and where the is a close call, both candidates can represent the ward.
    To whoever wrote this letter, – remember that most DA voters will not take a stand because they vote out of fear. Many of their votes are not for the DA, but against the ANC, and with Cope fading away and the Agang no-show, where will they go?

    • That is inherently the problem, the local politicians not doing their job for the locals because our towns are seen as pawns in a bigger game of strategy.

      I’ve yet to confirm it (or hear otherwise) but Adam apparently only received 79 votes in the last municipal election. Of course i want smaller parties getting involved but if that’s true, it’s also absurd. By extrapolation, i’d love there to be no political parties but that is not the system that we have to deal with. It’s not our reality.

      I agree with you big time in your last paragraph. I’ve repeated that so much on this blog.

  3. I wonder whether the noble Mr. Van Rhyner would accept the position of Mayor if same is offered by DA or the ANC?

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