Dear Helen Zille, is the DA Rotten? (Part 2) — No Comments

  1. I had my own spat with the DA in Cape Town. I recognise the stonewalling attitude, which goes all the way to the top (Hi Helen!). If you disagree with any one of them, they immediately rally round. It culminates in a conspiracy of silence. If you persist, you are immediately classed as a nuisance and they block Facebook, Twitter etc.

    It’s an exercise in frustration dealing with the DA. They never stand up to their ideals, frequently ignore questions and behave the same as any other politicians in SA (with a very few exceptions).

    As was previously advised – use your talents for better and grander things. The DA is in the gutter, so don’t stoop to their level.

    • It’s standard tactics the world over but i had hoped for more from the DA. South Africans, no matter the changes, are far too opinionated along racial lines. Here, it meant that Whites, for far too long, gave the DA a free ride. Of course, it was easier for the DA to get away with that as a small opposition but since growth in the last election, the cracks are showing.

      I don’t care what party a person is from so long as they make an effort to fulfill their duty to the public. I want politicians to earn their salary.

      Thanks for your input, Sean.

  2. If you are serious about changing what you perceive to be wrong there are ways to it. But beating your head against a wall is just painful. You have to set up structures which will last. Structures that will work. And that’s the challenge.

  3. No. They need leaders who lead by example and sadly the only leader worth any air time is merely a buffoon, albeit a dangerous buffoon. That’s what we for or in my case fought against. So where did it all go wrong? What are the issues we should be looking at. Can we not go to source and start again? What are you hoping to achieve? Are you going to put yourself forward as an independent candidate come the next election? Did you vote in the last election? Why do not join the Residents Association? How about the Chamber? Are these bodies not part of that structure?

    • Yes, imagine if a moralist had the same passion as Malema.

      Life is so hard that i cannot imagine elections in 5 years time. I can’t see next month. Even if we lived in paradise then, i’d have pissed off too many greedy and selfish people, many the powers that be, along the way.

      I’d hoped to do something with the Knysna Chamber of Business but after our mails over the past day, i fear not. They’ve thrown their lot in with the DA and i believe that without black business members they will never represent Knysna properly. Nevertheless, in their own way, at least they are trying to make a difference. I have to respect that to a degree as we’re very short on active people in our town.

      I don’t even know of a Resident’s Association in my area so if there is one then they’re not been effective enough. I rent, water and electricity included, which theoretically makes me not a ratepayer. But i did contact the Ratepayer’s Association but don’t think they have any teeth and doubt, like most organizations here, that they have much membership. I have met others too but they are generally ignored by the arrogant municipality which does what it wants.

  4. I don’t understand. I spent ten years desperately trying to scupper the aspirations of the majority of the citizens in this country and the last twenty five years trying to figure out why I could have been so stupid. I also understand that we do in fact have the right to vote and the structures to change whatever we need to change. So why this call to action? Where has it all gone wrong?

    • Because the majority of people voted for a party according to skin colour instead of for agenda. I’ve questioned so many people regarding the reasons for their choice and hardly any knew what the political agenda was for their own town. That’s Stupidity which ensures irresponsible, self-serving government. The public needs to vote with Reason.

  5. Dear Wonderful Mike
    Did Mandela give up and retract to his comfort Zone ? No, never
    Did Lincoln or Ghandi or Mother Theresa, no never
    Keep it up and become the Wikky – Leak – Mike. Lets not EVER allow “them” to steal our hard earned democracy or taxpayers money and dictate lies to us. EXPOSE ‘them” around each corner. It happened in Pluto’s time well before BC

    In 1840 a young man ran for the USA Presidency and soon thereafter remarked as follows; “We have learnt by sad experience that it is the disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they immediately start exercising unrighteous dominion.”

    Nothing has changed in 3000 years. We owe it to our posterity

    The ONLY way forward as i see it is to elect INDEPENDANT cllrs that we can personally hold responsible, not a person that does NOT care for his constituents, as much as he cares for his salary and arrogant and corrupt Party Bosses. That about says it all. Oudshoorn, Kannaland and many other Western Cape Municipalities have the same problem with the DA and ANC, WHY? Because of poor performance and arrogant and untruthful statements. Expose it, it is our DUTY. Until such time the whistle blower is BELIEVED and not victimised, so as to hide their own “crimes” we have to thrust forward, both regardless and rewardless !! STERKTE !!

    • Thanks, Andre. This blog has had over a lot of views but you’re one of the few who have spoken online. The rest want to complain in the street which is frustrating because the only way to improve our lives and our towns is to stand together. It’s simple mathematics – 10 people can do more than 1. What could 100 do? And in small towns, as little as 1500 people could toss a politician out of office.

      Our politicians justify themselves by pointing figures at the opposition so that their own actions aren’t as important. It’s as ridiculous as the public, whose apathy is responsible for them being in office, generally siding with parties according to colour. Action is the only thing that counts. Yes, bring on more independent Councillors until the DA and ANC find a conscience and realize that it is PUBLIC service. We do not serve them which, sadly, is the current status quo.

  6. They are just a mirror reflection of the society around you. Face it they are real. They have been elected and they are no different to the previous lot. You are the one that is out of step. Aren’t you the lucky one. Do you want what they have got? What is it that keeps drawing you back? Rather put as much distance between them and you, as you can.

    JuJu is real. He is the face of tomorrow. Do you see yourself as being a party to that? If you want to be part of the change you have to change and learn to walk away from stuff you can do nothing about. Why embrace Waste? It’s a waste of time, a waste of effort and more importantly a waste of opportunity. You will never achieve what you want to achieve if you allow them to pull the strings.

    • Our future is bleak but i’d rather aim for that sliver of hope than give up. If i fail, it is important to me that i know that i tried. It is apathy that has gotten us here, a joint effort by all races. What is happening is a consequence of our indifference. As the famous quote about WW2 goes:

      First they came for the communists,
      and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.
      Then they came for the trade unionists,
      and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews,
      and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.
      Then they came for me
      and there was no one left to speak out for me.
  7. Mike you are wasting your time and your energy. Their collective incompetence is both energy sapping and soul destroying. When are you going to learn this? Face it, you have already been sucked in, chewed up and become part of their story. And its a sad story. One without an end.

    Rather learn to work outside these structures. You don’t need them or the blame they carry so proudly with the trappings of their office. You will never be one of them. So be grateful for that fact and question what you can do, as you. The mistake you have made is to believe that the system is representative. It is anything but.

    You have opened doors. But they don’t have any of the answers you are looking for. They never will. Take a step beyond all of this. You can write. You could even learn to communicate if you turned your mind to it. But first you need to turn your back on them and your attention to you. You need food. You need shelter. Thereafter you need a challenge. Cut them out of the picture. There is more than enough to be done. Productive work. Satisfying work.

    Forget them. Never argue with the taxi driver. Someone who knows no better might mistake you as one of their own.

    • Maybe well meant but i disagree because i still have fight in me and will escalate, as promised. I am meeting with people outside their structures. Within my limited means, i do try commit to helping people when i can but nothing we will ever match the accomplishments that the Knysna Municipality can aspire to if forced to do their jobs or if, next time, we elect people who actually care about Knysna instead of themselves and their friends. The present DA cares as little about Knysna as the ANC before them. It is a problem with power. And if we accept their wrong actions then we are as guilty as them. Democracy is worth fighting for, especially in these incredibly tough times.

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