Dear Helen Zille, the Knysna DA is a Lie (Part 2) — No Comments

  1. Dear Writer, I feel your pain… I live in Swellendam, not to far away, and use to be a DA supporter too… However when I moved to swellendam I noticed that things here in this tiny DA run town is not like they should be…

    More and more I get the feeling that the DA in small towns in a lie in general… unfortunately I doubt Zille will be able to fix it…. she couldn’t for Swellendam…

    My advice, become an oppositionist. Whoever the strongest opposition is, support them. ie; local: ANC, province: ANC, national:DA… if things change, then change the party you support on each level.

    • I’m sorry to hear that it’s like that in your town too.The actual experience is way different to the hype in the newspapers. We are being let down.

      I have, on occasion, helped the opposition but only when i believe that they’re right. I believe that it’s important to get both sides working on projects together. If we they don’t, i fear that hatred (for the sake of politicians), will make us lost.

      Checkout http://www.justiceandequality.co.za which is causing a stir in these parts.

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